Utility Bag

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One of our favorite MK designs, our Utility Bag incorporates a recycled climbing rope grab handle (each is unique) and dry bag-inspired upright design. Built with our bomber 20oz canvas, it’s reinforced with 18oz waxed canvas for rugged durability and water-resistance. Trims are 100% leather. Zippered top closure. 2 external slip pockets keep energy bars in place. Imported. Removable webbing sling-style shoulder strap and interior organization panel. Dimensions: 18.5”H x 12"W x 12”D. Volume: 28.4L.

  • 18.5”H x 12"W x 12”D
  • Volume: 28.4L
  • Body: 100% cotton canvas
  • Lining: 100% cotton
  • Trims: 100% waxed canvas, 100% nylon recycled climbing rope, leather
  • Recycled climbing rope grab handle
  • Zippered main compartment
  • 2 exterior slip pockets
  • Removable interior organization panel
  • Removable sling-style webbing shoulder strap
  • Interior slot pocket
  • Catalog Reference #: 228

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2 reviews

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Utiity Bag

I love this bag - I use it for just about everything - daily during the week as a gym bag, weekend family adventures, and hunting and fishing daytrips. Basically a rugged soft-sided 5 gallon bucket, I have no trouble fitting a change of clothes for the wife and I, lunch, diaper bag for the young'un, and DSLR camera into it with plenty of room to spare. The pockets on the outside are handy for putting smaller items in once you're settled that you don't want to dig out of a bag time and time again, and the small zippered pocket inside is perfect for your keys, watch, change etc. This beats the pants off of any gym bag or similar that I've owned, and does it in style! Love the leather details and that bold MK logo. I expect to use this bag for years and years to come!

Grab N' Go

The MK Utility Bag. This bag is incredibly simple. One big zipper up top and chuck everything into the guts. Certainly reaches the durablity standard set by Mountain Khakis, I use this bag as my quick grab and go bag. Training an avalanche rescue puppy has given me the opportunity to stuff this bag with toys, treats, and all sorts of puppy essentials as we make our daily trips up into the mountains. Upon closer inspection of this super simple tough little bag; there are some impressive details, leather zipper ends, large easy acces front pockets, removable wallet pouch on the inside. This is a great little bag for quick adventure into the hills, out to the market or just a jaunt into town with a pack full of books, clothing, snacks, and other daily essentials. A plus plus.

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