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Men's Original Mountain Pant


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Our #1 best seller, now available in 2 fits. From basecamp to boardroom, our OMP is the definitive outdoorsman’s pant. Our proprietary 10.4oz cotton canvas is unmatched in rugged durability and unexpected softness. You’ll reach for them every time. Perform best when worn daily. Flat front and rear patch pockets. Diamond-shaped action gusset. Triple-stitched seams. “Mudflap” reinforced heel cuffs. 5 hand pockets including signature hidden side seam pocket. The Original Mountain Pants for Men have a relaxed Fit with mid-rise or Broadway Fit with low rise for slimmer fit. Imported. Garment washed.

Field Report: "I am a boat captain; On almost every trip passengers comment on my MK OMPs and I can't say enough good about them. They are the most comfortable and durable pants I've ever owned. Whether I'm handling passengers backpacks, handling the lines or docking the boat, these pants stand up to the rigors of Lake Superior life. Cheers and keep up the good work!" -M. Becka

camp / fish / travel / field / sport

Catalog Reference Number: 138

  • 10.4oz 2-Ply 100% Cotton Canvas
  • 5 Pockets
  • Patch Back Pockets
  • Diamond-Shaped Action Gusset
  • YKK®Zipper
  • Reinforced Heel Cuffs
  • Triple-Stitched Seams
  • Garment-Washed
  • Mid-Rise, Relaxed Fit
  • 30 Reviews
  • 5 Bison Rating
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  • Posted by: David T.
    Location: Arden, NC
    January 05, 2015

    • My Best Pants!
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • For years I climbed mountains. Now that I'm older (67) I'm a fly fisherman living in western NC. I know pants, and still have a fondness for an aging pair of Patagonia Stand Up shorts! But my MKs are my best pants. I own some Originals, some Mountain Utilites, some Cargos, a pair of Granite Creek Convertibles, and some old, worn Twills. I love them all for different things--the Granite Creeks, for instance, are great under your waders. My favorites, though, are my Original Mountain Pants--tough, buttery smooth with a few washings, and always comfortable. The only thing I could wish for would be a cell phone pocket. Great pants!

  • Posted by: James C.
    Location: Dallas, GA
    October 24, 2014

    • my favorite everyday pant
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • Absolutely hands down the best pants I've ever owned. Got my first pair of OMP's a few months ago, fell in love, and been buyin different colors ever since. I wear em workin on the family farm, iron em up before I go out at night, and put a fresh pair when I get home just to lounge around it. I can't say enough about these pants. Mountain Khakis has definitely set the bar with these. I will say that I'm 6'1" 210 and usually a 34/32 but had to go with the 36/32 in the OMP. Not a problem, just thought I'd throw that out there.

  • Posted by: Dan
    Location: Denver, CO
    September 24, 2014

    • Awesome fit, poor durability
    • 1 out of 5 Bison
    • I am currently the owner of 4 pairs of MK pants. The fit of these pants is incredible--it is what drew me in the first place. I love that I can move in these without getting "bunched up." I also love the 5th pocket location. If you pocket CCW, you'll love it. HOWEVER. I'm questioning the durability. I have had my original mountain pants for LESS than a year. Already, there are holes forming at the corners of the pockets, as well as in the front of the pants. I live in the city, and play in the mountains. Sure, these get some use and mild abuse, but I'm not dragging wood files on them, nor am I constantly catching them against anything rough or sharp. Though my cuffs do not drag, I am also getting fraying around the edges. These are definitely a "lifestyle" pant, for those that want the outdoor look, but won't venture there regularly.

  • Posted by: Frank H.
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    April 23, 2014

    • Pretty darn good
    • 4 out of 5 Bison
    • I like almost everything about them but the zipper. It is made well but seems short which can be annoying in certain circumstances

  • Posted by: Michael O.
    Location: Bloomington, IL
    March 12, 2014

    • Just as good as the Flannel Lined Cousin
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • My first pant purchase was the Flannel Lined OMP. After immediately falling in love with them I knew I needed more. Lucky for me it was Christmas time. My mom got me and my brothers each a pair of the OMP and I have worn them since. Living in the Midwest you never know how cold it would be. Especially for the early morning walk to class. Well on days when it was surprisingly high, I'm talking 15-20 degrees out, I'd give the Flannels a day off and wear these bad boys. Haven't been disappointed yet and don't expect to be. Next on my list is the Granite Creek Convertible for some summer fun in the sun and in the wild.

  • Posted by: Ben C.
    Location: Latrobe, PA
    January 15, 2014

    • The Action Gusset...It Will Change Your Life
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • I have owned a pair of OMPs for about a week now. I have muscular thighs and when they first arrived I absolutely swam in them and just barely walked on the heels. I was afraid that the "relaxed fit" would prove to be a bit overwhelming. Concerned that I might be a Broadway man in the end I decided to give them the benefit of a few washes to see how they fared. After a couple of washes they shrank up to be exactly true to size and I realized that the generosity of cut in the legs had actually been intended. I am a big guy at 6'4" and 245lbs (I got size 38 34 just like all of my other pants). Had I gotten the slimmer fit of the Broadways I don't think that they would have given my thighs the room they needed after shrinking and the tapered cut may have made me look even more tree-like than I already do given my height. Thank you for thinking ahead, MK, and may you never cease to consider the needs of the tall burly mountain man. I wore them to the reunion of an ourdoor adventure company that I used to work for and found three of my former co-workers all wearing different models of your pants. We all had a good laugh and my one friend ended up saying, "The action gusset...it will change your life". It ended up being the running joke of the whole weekend and honestly I don't think I've ever owned a pair of pants with so many thoughtful features that improve comfort and performance without sacrificing style.

  • Posted by: John M.
    Location: Saint Paul, MN
    December 10, 2013

    • Pretty darn good pants!
    • 4 out of 5 Bison
    • First piece of Mountain Khakis I have purchased and love the feel. I would like to see a high rise waist version with buttons to accommodate tab suspenders. You could dub it the "prospectors" cut or fit. These pants would become the pair of choice for ranchers and snowboarders alike.

  • Posted by: Jason S.
    Location: Charleston, SC
    November 19, 2013

    • Four Years Later...
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • I own two pairs of MK pants and love them. This was my first pair, so now you know that I liked them so much I bought a second pair. I’ve had these pants for four years. A professional female tailor who knew me well originally recommended them. She said I would appreciate the balance of function and style, and boy was SHE right. They are rugged and tough, yet classy. They’re warm when it’s cold, but cool to wear in warmer weather. Despite their stylish look, they can handle the outdoors with ease. I spend a lot of time outdoors camping, fishing, traveling, and hiking. They are my “go-to” pants because they’re versatile enough to wear in the outdoors, but can still pass for dressy casual attire. I appreciate the triple-stitched seams, and the double right front pocket is nice to separate my “stuff” while out in the field. Other pants begin quickly fraying in the cuffs with what I put them through, but these heel cuffs are reinforced and still look new four years later. The quality fabric, blend of toughness and comfort, and longevity make these the most comfortable and durable pants I own.

  • Posted by: Bryan P.
    Location: Saint Louis, MO
    November 12, 2013

    • The Perfect Pant
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • From the moment I put them on, I knew that my life had been change. The fit is perfect in every way. I can wear them to the office in the morning, and on the trail in the evening. Definitely worth the price!

  • Posted by: Eric B.
    Location: Wheat Ridge, CO
    October 31, 2013

    • Do anything go anywhere pant
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • This product is as versatile as they come. I love the fact that I can get ready in the morning and MK Original Mountain Pant will take me through the day's adventures. From office meetings and climbing at the crag to dinner and drinks with the wife after. The Mountain Pants hold up to an intense amount of wear and tear and hold up to anything you can throw at them. However, once they are to beat up for the office they get the duck tape and patch job they need and turn in to your best pair of camping and house project pants. Buy these pants and you will have them forever.

  • Posted by: Evan P.
    Location: W. Upper Peninsula, MI
    October 27, 2013

    • The Best all-around pants
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • I am an adventuring, tree climbing, forestry student, and I am anything but gentle with my clothing. These pants have survived longer than any pair of pants I've owned. Over a year of rough adventures and abuse, including 4 months of manual labor and masonry work, and they're still goin' strong. Whether I'm dressing up for a presentation, running full tilt down a granite peak, or hangin' around playing hacky sack, these pants go anywhere and do anything. Buy these, put 'em on, and get outside. Bottom line: Strong construction, great fit, ...and they look great with a wool sweater.

  • Posted by: Christopher D.
    Location: Fortson, GA
    September 06, 2013

    • Rugged pants for rugged work!!!
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • I work at a kennel training bird dogs and am hard on a pair of pants; I'm always wading through brush, briars and high grass. These pants hold up great day in and day out. They wear great and feel great even in the heat of a Georgia summer. The dogs I train seem to love them as well as they are always wiping their front paws on them! I am ordering a few more pair this week.

  • Posted by: Mark P.
    Location: Hamilton, OH
    August 05, 2013

    • Great Pants, Require Extra TLC
    • 4 out of 5 Bison
    • Overall I love these pants. I have owned numerous pairs over the years and have 3 in my closet as I write this and have another few pairs I have converted into shorts from older pairs. One of the largest reasons I converted the pants into shorts is because of the inseam. I typically wear a 32" inseam and have seen my pants all over the map in terms of sizing. While I normally like things of an eclectic nature my pant length isn't one of them. After washing and drying the 32" I basically had a pair of "high waters" that fit just fine when I tried them on at a local outfitter. Obviously this is a preferential factor. My basic solution is to buy 34" inseams. Consider buying one size larger for your inseam and always line dry. This has helped. My other observation is the general quality of the pants has seemed to of gone down some. I bought my first pair in 2006 and everything from the fabric, stitching, construction, etc. seems much nicer on my first pair than the pair I most recently purchased. Definitely get the impression I get from other companies that started small and, as they got bigger, started to cut corners/use cheaper material to keep up with demand and/or to keep their manufacturing costs lower.
      MK Response: The inseam will have a little built into it for shrinkage but given the nature of the fabric (cotton) they will shrink some when exposed to heat (even low heat). As for the quality, we have not changed anything with the OMP since it originally came into the line as the first piece except the wash of the fabric to make it softer. With this the fabric does feel different (softer) but the quality is exactly the same.

  • Posted by: Matt R.
    Location: Bonney Lake, WA
    April 09, 2013

    • New favorite pants
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • I bought these pants to try out...and right out of the box I knew these were keepers. The fit is nice and roomy...I have athletic quads and there is the perfect amount of room. They are not too baggy and loose, and not too tight. The material seems to be tough...I have only worn them for a week. I am ordering 2 more pair tonight...man these are great pants.

  • Posted by: Jason G.
    Location: redding, CT
    March 17, 2013

    • 5 out of 5 Bison

  • Posted by: Shawn M.
    Location: Jim Thorpe, PA
    February 02, 2013

    • good piece of gear
    • 4 out of 5 Bison
    • Great pant for all around work or play. I will agree that these differ in sizing that the Alpine Utility Pants (seem to run larger); regardless, still a good product. I would like to see the rise of the Broadway Fit and keep the "loose" fit of the regular pant here.

  • Posted by: JD
    Location: CINCINNATI, OH
    December 17, 2012

    • Still great pants
    • 4 out of 5 Bison
    • Let me start off by saying I have 3 pairs of the OMP, so I clearly still love these even though I only gave a 4 out of 5 stars. As you've read in previous reviews these pants are great for working around the farm or at a dinner with your wife. They clean up well after a hard day. My main concern is sizing. I think anyone who has multiple pairs would agree with me that MK has had their issues with sizing. I still love all MK pants, overall I have 16 pairs of different MK pants, I don't say this to brag, but to point out that not one pair fit the same. I live in Cincinnati and we have 2 good MK retailers here, I try to buy all my MK through them since I can try them on and get as close a fit as possible. All this said I will not stop buying from MK.

  • Posted by: Kirk G.
    Location: Paradise, PA
    November 17, 2012

    • My new Favorite Pants!
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • Bought these on a recommendation of a trusted experienced outdoor/military guy, and without a doubt the most comfortable yet tough pants I have owned! I will be buying and transitioning all of my pants to MK. Thanks MK!

  • Posted by: Scott B.
    Location: Red House, VA
    October 23, 2012

    • Farm Worthy!
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • I am on the farm tending to cattle and crops 360 days a year, and I am wearing these pants every single day. They are tough and offer protection, don't cramp up in the crotch, and can be washed, bleached, and soaked in hot water - and they never change. These have made farming so much more comfortable for me.

  • Posted by: Scott M.
    Location: Cromwell, CT
    September 22, 2012

    • Why are you NOT wearing these?
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • I'll say it again, why aren't you wearing these. As a stay at home dad and avid outdoorsman these pants stand up to anything the world or my two kids can dish out. I am a big fan of the little things manufacturers do - love the third pocket as I can never find enough places to put everything. Keys in one pocket, change and swiss army knife in another, so where do I put the cell phone and keep it from getting scratched? I know, the THIRD pocket, brilliant! Plus the mud flaps are great, they really work, plus the flat spot on the pockets themselves are great when I carry a folding knife with a clip. Makes for quick easy access. Great product MK crew!

  • Posted by: David S.
    Location: Boynton Beach, FL
    August 28, 2012

    • Last pants you'll ever buy
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • I'm a geologist and avid fly fisher . By far the best pants I've ever owned. Comfortable, incredibly durable, rugged enough for field work or fishing, but stylish enough to wear to the office or out to dinner with my wife. Even down in Delray Beach, FL, these pants are amazing. Not too hot in the summer, and amazing in the winter. Can't say enough about these pants. They allow full range of motion, but aren't too baggy and heavy. Greatest pants ever.

  • Posted by: Donny Roth
    Location: Boulder, CO
    June 26, 2012

    • A Great
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • The OMP has been awesome for everything that a typical day in the mountains brings. From splitting logs to hanging by camp fires this pant handles the load and still looks sharp.

      In my opinion they are a little baggy, but honestly this is more in line with fashion - and the extra mobility is nice. Buy them "On size" and realize they may not fit in if you're drinking espresso at some chic café in Paris.

      They are super durable. I own one pair, but that pair has been on dozens of trips - from Chile to Alaska - and they're not close to wearing out.

  • Posted by: Andrew B.
    Location: Amarillo, TX
    March 03, 2012

    • Awesome pants!
    • 4 out of 5 Bison
    • I've owned pants that claim to be rugged because they're modeled after WWII pants. But they have nothing on these Mountain Khakis. I've done everything from bouldering to working on my Jeep in these things. I've even tucked in a button-up for an evening out, and they look sharp as ever. The only thing is is that they run a bit large in the length (I wear a normal 30x32, but the OMP's are dragging the dirt a bit). I also own the Teton Twill and the Lake Lodge Twill, but it's the OMP's that I reach for day after day. If you're the active type, you won't be disappointed.

  • Posted by: Craig P.
    Location: Rivervale, NJ
    January 10, 2012

    • Great pants
    • 4 out of 5 Bison
    • Though covered in grease stains from a rough day with a winch, these pants are excellent. They're a pair of pants you can beat the crap out of and not worry about it. As a guy who gets himself into tight spots fairly often, whether it be in the woods or on a job site, I've never had to worry myself on ruining a pair of pants with a little dirt. My only gripe is the crotch is like four feet long. I'm not a rapper (I listen to country) but I also don't wear my pants like my grandfather. I'd love if they had a lower rise.

  • Posted by: Yeaaa
    Location: Bozeman, MT
    November 12, 2011

    • Great Pant
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • These things are awesome. I have a couple pairs and they can withstand a lot of abrasion and climbing. They will shrink to a half to full size smaller than the label, but you can count on it happening. I wouldnt expect cotton canvas not to shrink. So just plan ahead and if you wear, say a 32or 33 waist, just go for the 34. Same with the length. The dual right hand pocket is very usefull and well thought out. They are great pants and i probably have been sold on these as my go to pants from here on.

  • Posted by: Brian B.
    Location: Winnetka, IL
    November 08, 2011

    • Beware 30 inch inseams!
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • I love these pants. I have 2 OMPs and 2 Teton Twills. However, I just ordered 3 new OMPs in 32x30 and they are all 1.5 inches longer than the other 4 pants I have in 32x30. I had the order replaced and the replacements were 1.5 inches long also. Looks like a problem with the manufacturer in Cambodia. I was told that next shipment is in February. If they can't find old stock manufactured with correct inseam measure I'll have to wait until then.

  • Posted by: Michael M.
    Location: Akron, OH
    November 05, 2011

    • Nice, but fit small, foreign made
    • 4 out of 5 Bison
    • So far I love them, construction is excellent. They fit a bit smaller than other similar pants though. While I feel like I have a bit of room for a large meal in my 34x34 Carhartts or Eddie Bauer jeans, these feel about a 1/2 inch smaller in waist and length.

      Also, for what you pay for these, would be nice to see them at least sewn in the US.

  • Posted by: Thomas W.
    Location: Portland, OR
    November 04, 2011

    • Best damn pants for work or any outdoor adventure. Period.
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • So I have worn and bought just about every work pant you can think of. Nothing fits better, lasts longer, or holds up like these pants. Thick cotton, real zipper, triple stitching, yeah, the real deal. I now own five pair, and do not ever see myself buying another brand of pant. I seldom review any product I buy, because most of what I buy is junk. If you are a working man or woman who depend on clothing, Stop searching, this is your pant. This pant is a true example of getting what you pay for.

  • Posted by: Christopher S.
    Location: Saline, MI
    November 01, 2011

    • My favorite pants period
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • Love the fit time after time and wash. They are rugged yet feel great. This is why I love MK!

  • Posted by: Tim S.
    Location: Vail, CO
    November 01, 2011

    • great pants
    • 5 out of 5 Bison
    • Great pants but be aware of some shrinkage in the length

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