Men's Granite Creek Pant Relaxed Fit

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Some say our Granite Creek Pants have gills. It’s true they love the water, but their zest for adventure is limitless. Our quick-dry, lightweight and packable fabric is also DWR (Durable Water Repellant), UPF 50+ (99% UV blockage) with Scotchgard® stain repellency. 6 pockets including 3 zip security pockets & cargo pocket. Mesh pocket liners. Diamond-shaped action gusset. "Mudflap" reinforced heel cuffs. Triple-stitched seams. Imported. 100% nylon. Relaxed fit. Also available in Convertible (#162) & Short (#165).

  • 6.3oz 100% brushed nylon
  • Scotchgard™ treatment
  • DWR, quick-dry, lightweight, packable & easy care
  • UPF 50+ (99% blockage)
  • Signature MK angled hand pockets with mesh pocket liners
  • Zippered side-seam & back pockets
  • Low-profile cargo pocket with hidden zip security pocket
  • Diamond-shaped action gusset
  • "Mudflap" reinforced heel cuffs
  • Catalog Reference #: 122

13 reviews

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I am a fishing guide and I live in Granite Creek Pants. They dry quick, are super durable and the pockets are perfect. I especially like the zip pockets for securing valuables. My phone fits easily in the cargo pocket. I have worn them for a couple of years and gave away all my other fishing pants.

Great for standing in a creek, but not climbing granite.

I've owned many pairs of technical pants: Propper, Patagonia, Prana, Vertx, and misc. BDU trousers. I was excited to get a pair of the Granite Creek Pants because several friends and family members had high praise for the pants. I received my pair a couple of weeks ago (at the same time I received a pair of Alpine Utility Pants) and they looked great. Good stitching, color, material, appearance. When I put them on they fit great in the waist and length. I'm 5'9", 185lbs and the 32/32 were perfect. The length was a bit long for my frame but I wear Danner's often so I wanted them to cover my ankles during any kind of movement. Then I put them to the flex/stretch/movement test. I quickly realized that these pants aren't cut for strenuous movement or flexibility. Pulling my legs up to traverse an obstacle was extremely tight; there was a lot of resistance in the cut of the legs and the fabric itself when trying to get over a medium sized obstacle, such as a three foot wall or stack of wood. It was also difficult to climb anything because of the immobility of the pants; a ladder with closely placed rungs was okay but high-stepping on a rock surface for a small feature around my knee was difficult. My expectations were high for these pants, especially when you factor in the price for these technical pants. Maybe I expected too much. They're great if you're static and want to look good in a coffee shop or while walking your dog. But if you expect to run an obstacle course or want to out run your buddy while trying to out run a better be wearing a different pair of pants. One other note...the cargo pocket is unusable. Even when I put my thin bar-style phone in the pocket it presses against my thigh and compounds the already uncomfortable movement of the legs. By the way, I'm not a big guy with enormous iron-pumping thighs. I'm an avid runner with an athletic build and generally any pair of pants off of a rack will fit me. All-in-all the pants are well made and good looking. Granted, they might stand up to anything but they won't elevate me to the next level.

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