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From the Pacific Crest to the Appalachian Trail, outdoor enthusiasts have bestowed highest marks for these lightweight, packable convertibles. Our quick-dry, lightweight and packable fabric is also DWR (Durable Water Repellant), UPF 50+ (99% UV blockage) with Scotchgard stain repellency. Removable pant legs have color-coded right/left zippers. And with 10 cuff zips, you can keep on your 'size 12s' when converting to shorts. 6 pockets including 3 zip security pockets & cargo pocket. Mesh pocket liners. Inseam action gusset. "Mudflap" reinforced heel cuffs. Triple-stitched seams. Imported. 100% nylon. Relaxed fit. 9" shorts inseam. Also available in Pants (#122) & Shorts (#167).

  • ScotchgardTM Treatment
  • Quick-dry, lightweight, packable & easy care
  • Color-coded removable leg zips
  • 9" shorts inseam, 10" cuff zips for easy leg panel removal
  • 6 pockets including 3 zip security pockets and cargo pocket
  • Mesh pocket bags
  • 100% Brushed Nylon
  • catalog reference #: 162

2 reviews

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Great pants, but a bit baggier than expected

First off, let me say, I love these pants. They're a great material, and I can hike, climb, and adventure in these. The pockets are great, they're breathable, and I got lots of compliments on them. My only complaint is that they're pretty baggy on the calf, but other than that no issues at all!; MK RESPONSE: We are so glad you enjoy your pants! They fit looser in the calf because of their "relaxed" fit. We also offer other pants leg styles such as Classic Fit and Slim Fit that you might want to try next time!

Great Backpacking Pants!

I got a pair of the Granite Creeks to try out on my PCT 2016 SOBO attempt but I had ordered the wrong size and 4 days into my hike I ended up in the hospital and later needed surgery. After 3 months of rehab and exchanging for the correct size, I was able to get out and try out these pants on the Long Trail in Vermont. I've been backpacking for 6 years and completed the AT in 2012. My old goto for pants were the REI Saharas and recently I had tried out the Prana Stretch Zions. After wearing the MK Granite Creeks for 11 days straight on the Long Trail, I believe that I have found my new goto zip off pants. The quality and construction blows away the Saharas. I really liked the double pockets (Cargo and Right side). The second pocket is zippered and makes for great storage for more important items. We enjoyed great weather for the first 5 days of our trip. With the pant bottoms off these shorts were great. Although shorter than I would usually wear, they just made sense for hiking. The range of motion was great and I never felt held back or tight by the shorts. During the second part of our trip the weather turned cold, rainy and snowy. It was nice to be able to put the pant bottoms on to hold in some warmth and keep the snow off my legs. I really liked how the cuff zips only go up half way on the pant bottoms. I had no issue taking them off or putting them back on with my size 12 trail runners. My old goto pant cuffs unzipped fully and it made it trickier to put back together. One of my biggest complaints about the Prana Zions is that the zip off seam was way too thick. I always felt like it was rubbing on my thighs and it really annoyed me. I had no issue with the Granite Creeks doing that. So after wearing these for 11 days straight (without washing once!) I can say that I was really impressed. They felt great and looked great (I even wore them to a wedding before the hike) and just plain work well for backpacking.

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