Men's Trail Creek Short Sleeve Shirt

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Got performance? This shirt does. Inspired by Trail Creek - the gatweay to Teton Pass' year-round recreation - this shirt is designed to hike, bike, fish, explore and more. UPF 40+ (98% UV blockage). Vented back. Flip-n-snap collar for added sun protection and no flapping in wind. Sunglass chamois sewn into waist hem. Imported. 100% poly. Relaxed fit. Also available in Long Sleeve (#852).

  • 2.9oz 100% poly
  • Quick-dry, lightweight, packable & easy care
  • UPF 40+ (98% UV blockage)
  • Flip-n-snap collar for added sun protection
  • 3 pockets including zippered security & sunglass pockets
  • Vertical venting at back
  • Sunglass chamois sewn into waist hem
  • Catalog Reference #: 851

10 reviews

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Performance for Professionals

This shirt is packed with performance features and is absolutely acceptable as a shirt to wear to work. Then, you can go straight from work to the river to fish or on your favorite hike. The breathable vents on the back are not the usual "outdoor shirt" vents; they are subtle and you don't notice them when looking at the back. The shirt doesn't scream "I'm headed to the river to fish" or "I'm going on a hike"when you look at it. It is a very nice casual look, and looks great with your MK khakis or jeans. The vents combined with the poly, quick dry material make it a very light weight shirt and very breathable. The pockets have every need covered! Amazing. And, the sunglasses chamois is innovative and brilliant. I use it for my shades, and my daily specs. This shirt has you covered (UPF too!) for every basis. You nailed is MK! Thanks!

Best Shirt for HOT Weather

I really put it to the test on a surf trip to Nicaragua last week—on the beach, on horseback and hiking a volcano. It was very hot during the day (95-100 degrees) and by no means chilly at night. Luckily, I received my Trail Creek shirt the day before my flight, and its a good thing: it was to be my “secret weapon” against the Nicaraguan heat. I think I wore it more than social decorum dictates one should wear a shirt within a week. It’s perfect for a long day at the beach—it kept the sun and heat off my skin better than any shirt I’ve ever tried. It also dries incredibly fast in the sun, literally a few minutes. The sunglasses pocket is a game changer! Why haven't I always had one!?!? Bravo MK Obviously, the lightweight fabric is amazing in the heat — the Trail Creek Shirt is only rivaled by the Shoreline Shirt on that front — and is pretty “addictive” once you have experienced it! To go back to anything else would be like skiing Sugar Mountain after retuning from a week skiing the village in Jackson Hole…(!)

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