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Fair Trade Certified

The wildflower is independent and strong, and resonates perfectly with this silky soft dress. Fair Trade Certified. Snap sleeves. Rouching at front and back yoke and slightly gathered at back waistline. Hand pockets. Passion snaps. Imported. Casual fit. 100% rayon.

  • 4oz 100% rayon
  • Passion snaps
  • Rouching at front & back yoke
  • Hand pockets
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Catalog Reference #: 714

6 reviews

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The Perfect Dress

I found the white version in a local outdoor store and loved it so much that I had to find this company and see if it was available in any other colors. So now I have both colors and I will wear these dresses out because they are my go-to this summer. Perfect length, great pockets, the fabric is so soft and has a lovely drape...I did just read that it was hand wash and I've been washing in the machine, but like a prior reader, gentle wash in the machine is what I'll be doing. I wish it came in 10 colors.

Country Comfortable

I am 5' 1 1/2" and weigh 135. I bought this dress in the medium. It fits perfectly. I like the simple styling and feel comfortable wearing it anywhere. I can't wait for this fall when I can pair it with boots and sweater. I am a little leary about the material after reading a prior review. We will see!

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