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MK 'Bad ass' Ambassadors

We’re proud of all of you crazy fans out there! Among you, there are some particularly extraordinary folks that set the bar so high, we've invited them to join our MK Ambassador Teams.

College "Bad Ass" Ambassador Team: Just like their ‘older and more mature’ peers above, our MK College Ambassador Team is ripe with passion and zest. They live life to the fullest and would rather be ‘out there’ than ‘in here’ any day. MK College Ambassadors represent themselves, their school and MK with humble pride and integrity. They are the next leaders of our world and stewards of our planet. These guys and gals kick ass, and we applaud them for standing up and for getting out. They are do'ers and they are thinkers, and they look damn good in their MKs. Rock on, MK College Ambassadors!

College Ambassador Posts ...follow their antics
College Ambassador Team ...learn more about these fine (younger) earthly specimens

To inquire about the MK College Ambassador Team, email Fall semester application deadline is July 25th and Spring semester deadline is December 20th of each year.

"Bad Ass" Ambassador Team: These folks beat a drum that resonates with the MK culture and character… of exploring the outdoors and preserving the many facets of the outdoor lifestyle. We’re proud to amplify their mission and ambition, and tell their tales of courage and high adventure. They are athletes, activists and civic-minded citizens working to make our world a better place, reveal its wondrous places, and tell about the thrill of play and adventure within. We applaud their efforts and antics, and invite you to check them out! Their choice of pant? MKs of course!

Ambassador Team ...learn more about these fine earthly specimens

Ambassador Posts ...follow their antics

At this time, we have pressed pause on this portion of our Ambassador Program.  We will not be taking applications until further notice.