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MK Testimonials

We love to hear from our fans out there in the field! They tell us about the crazy places they take their MKs and the even crazier things they do wearing them (and frankly, it makes us a little envious sitting here at our desks). One thing is certain, MKs are loved the world-over. So much so, people actually take the time to write us nice notes and sing the praises of our pants... (and that makes us feel really good about sitting here at our desks). After all, "brands are built on what people are saying about you, not what you're saying about yourself." We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I love my Mountain Khakis.  I pulled up to Trail Creek a few weeks ago to get a skate ski workout, thermometer on the truck read 12 degrees.  Gearing up I realized that I had forgotten my expensive, breathable, micro techy nordic pants.  All I had was the Teton Twill's I was wearing.  Thinking I was going to freeze and feel heavy I headed out anyway.  After two hours of skiing and some weird looks from the Nordies, not only did I not get cold but they breathed really well and felt as light on my legs as the $200 tech pant counterpart. -D. Tolson

Green space.  It's something we all seek, but to often it is destroyed in a zeal for urban sprawl, suburban shopping malls, and cookie cutter neighborhoods. When we preserve it, and make it such that it is accessible for others, we are not only fulfilling our duty to the planet as stewards for a future generation, but we are also helping our fellow citizens of the earth enjoy a recreative space where they can get away and enjoy the simpler pleasures of life.  I am a preserver of green spaces, and I believe in Mountain Khakis.  By way of introduction, my name is Michael Jones, and I work in turf care on a golf course in rural North Carolina.

In December of 2009, while traveling to Okemo Resort in Vermont, I stopped into a local store and came upon a pair of trousers that were unlike anything I'd ever seen before.  They looked like work pants, they felt like work pants, but there was something different about them.  I tried them on, got my hand lost in the additional hip pocket, thought they looked pretty gnarly, and figured I'd give them a whirl.  The label inside said Mountain Khaki, and I came to learn they are called Alpine Utility Pants.  It's now March, 2013, and those same AUPs have carried me through 4 tree seasons, more poison ivy/oak/sumac than I can describe, have been crusty with red North Carolina clay mud and pine rosin, covered in gasoline, hydraulic fluid and lubricating grease, soaked through and through from rain, irrigation and sweat, and have been wrapped up by a chainsaw chain that decided it did not long for this world.  They have survived it all, as have I.

The same pants, almost everyday.  Nothing else comes close to the durability, quality, and damn good looks all Mountain Khakis possess.  Moreover, it's amazing how often I have people ask "hey, Mike, what kind of pants ARE those?"  Sure, in the 40 months since I purchased them, they've worn, been stained, and have some scuffs, but they're still in one piece with no holes, and definitely no where near retirement.  Frankly, I'm not sure when they'll reach a point of retirement, but if anything happens to them to tear, rip, or otherwise make them immediately unwearable, I'll be getting fit for a prosthetic or a casket, I'm convinced.  From the same 40 months, I can make for you an incredible list of the other items I've owned and worked in that have flat worn out, broken, busted, or otherwise didn't live up to the expectations I've come to know and rely on from Mountain Khakis.

The ultimate beauty of Mountain Khaki as a company, a brand, and an idea of living, is that it isn't all work and no play.  When I'm not in a pair of AUPs, Original Mountain Pants, it is.  They're the ideal go-anywhere pant, that can be as comfortable doing 30 miles on the Appalachian Trail or sitting through a board meeting in the office.  I can't say that about another company's product. -M. Jones

Hey there, I recently purchased two of your Alpine Utility Shorts and I'm so incredibly glad I did. The craftsmanship of those darn shorts is unmatched - I use them rock climbing, caving and at work and they've proven to be pretty freaking rugged. -S. Ferguson

By the way, I had never worn a pair before this past fall, but the Cottonwood Cords are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. I like them so much that I worn then on my recent fishing trip to the Bahamas...couldn't take them off. It was 75 degrees and I was comfortable. -J. Hartman

"Man, when the cold weather finally rolled around I was VERY happy to have my new MK [Old Faithful] Sweater. It was cool enough to wear in the sun but kept me plenty warm for the temprature drop once it got dark. I have worn it probably every other day since you sent it to me and just like all my MK pants, is appropriate with a t shirt and ball cap or collared shirt and fancy boots. You guys definitely hit the target and built something that fits right into my lifestyle." -J. Hauser

"The [Cottonwood Cords] are the best cords I've ever had! I've tried a lot of different ones, LL Bean, etc...MK's are so much more comfortable and fit great! -J. Doherty

"Wanted to pass along a little saying about your clothing that I say to folks I bump into that ask me about your articles: 'Khakis, the Brits invented them, but Mountain Khaki perfected them!' and 'You'll never go wrong with them...ever!'" -S. Austin

"I wanted to let you know that when I walked into my office wearing a MK sweater this morning my colleagues started pouring the compliments on. A couple of the girls I sit next to are self-styled fashionistas - the NYC type - and they recognized that I was wearing MK right away. And one woman got online and bought an Old Faithful sweater for her son, who is my age, on the spot. People at my firm are very into MK! From Jackson Hole to NYC - pretty awesome if you ask me." -A. Flack

At last, I have found the ultimate outdoor pant. As an outdoor writer, explorer and wildlife biologist I am hard on pants. I need pants that are made for weather, and terrain, extremes and yet look good for meetings, travel, etc. At last I have discovered Mountain Khakis Alpine Utility Pant. Tough, stylish, versatile and long lasting. Perfect for my adventure lifestyle. It's the truth. - J. Wayne

"At last, I have found the ultimate outdoor pant. As an outdoor writer, explorer and wildlife biologist I am hard on pants. I need pants that are made for weather, and terrain, extremes and yet look good for meetings, travel, etc. At last I have discovered Mountain Khakis Utility Pant. Tough, stylish, versatile and long lasting. Perfect for my adventure lifestyle. It's the truth." - J. W. Fears

"Just got back from 2-1/2 weeks of living in my AUP's, Stagecoach Vest, and Trapper Henley building a couple of large solar systems in Alaska. Cold, crappy weather, but the MK clothes kept me in good shape." -A Linnell

"Just a note to let you know that after several months of wearing Mountain Khakis, they are now the official clothing of Backroads Expeditions. Most comfortable pant I have worn. Really love the [Alpine] Utility Pant and will be ordering again before long. Thanks!" -W Gibson

"Our Mountain Khakis went through 7 different biomes in 7 days of intense sun, rain, and snow and still looked like new after one washing. These are definitely the toughest pants we've ever owned and comfortable, too. Thank you so much for contributing to our efforts to raise funds and awareness for some of Africa's little needy ones with HIV. Your product is as top quality as your company. Thank you!" -T Weaver

"I received my new Mountain Khakis, Men’s Alpine Utility Pants (Granite), and I LOVE THEM!!! I will be ordering more from you soon, they feel great, very comfortable and rugged but look very nice." -B Simcox

"Sitting on a folding chair in brisk New England fall air, it dawns on me - I'm rocking MK head to toe (Original Mountain Pants, belt, t-shirt, flannel, sweater and hat) and I'm the warmest, swankiest dude in town. Thanks guys!" -J Joiner

"First, AWESOME product! I have been meaning to state this to you guys for a while! I have six pairs of MK's (5 pairs of pants and 1 pair of granite creek shorts). I have also turned my cousin, father and father-in-law onto the product. There is not a better pair of pants in the world. Not only do I hunt, hike, fish, play golf (in the shorts) and just about anything else but these are my true survivial pants. I take them on every trip I go on so no matter what I know I covered for any occasion! One pair has also been known to stop a Stihl chainsaw from thrashing up my leg. I just use that pair for mainly summer use since it now has ventilation..." -Z Elrod

"I just wanted to say how much I love your pants. They're just simply the best pants I've ever worn and every friend that I've gotten to get a pair agrees." -S. Shear

"About five years ago, MK was kind enough to supply me with several pairs of pants for a month-long fly fishing trip through the Rockies. I immediately fell in love with them and instantly started accumulating rough mileage on them. Although road-worn and weary, I still wear the same pairs to this day.

Two days ago as I was walking a brushy trail from a gravel access to the Gunnison River, two off-leash German Shepards decided they didn't want me there, so they proceeded to take a chunk out of my leg. The dog bite went through the thickest part of my Simms G3 waders, but didn't puncture my MK Alpine Utilities underneath.

My leg is completely gnarled and bruised, but luckily for me, no open wound--therefore no stitches...and no rabies!"

"Thanks for making good shit. I'll continue being an MK customer." -M. Todd

"I received my order today and all I can say is awesome - the Stagecoach Jacket fits like a glove. I have all the colors in the Original Mountain Pants - love them as well, along with the Alpine Utility Pants. I have to work on getting a sweatshirt next..." -K Zimmerer

"Fall is here in Colorado and temperatures have been cold in the mountains. I have been trying to find the perfect mid weight layer that I could add to my wardrobe. I didn't need a technical shell or rain jacket, I was looking for something that would be multi functional when temperatures started to drop. The Mountain Khaki Old Faithful Sweater was the answer. I looked at other jackets and couldn't find anything that stuck out. Either they lacked functionality, style, or the quality that I have come to expect when making an investment in technical clothing was lacking. I was very pleased when I received my Old Faithful Sweater in the mail. Quality and functionality are the two things that stood out the most when I put this jacket on. I was happy to see that the construction of the jacket was not compromised by style and that I would be able to rely on it for many seasons. The Old Faithful Sweater is great for long days in Rocky Mountain National Park and perfect for evenings around town when temperatures call for something more than a shirt but not a bulky jacket.

100% polyester with plenty of features keeping it technical enough to be included on my next climbing trip and stylish enough to grab on my way out the door. If you are looking for a warm mid weight sweater that looks great and will last for seasons, look no further than the MK Old Faithful Sweater." -T Rose

"I LOVE my MK Lake Lodge Twill shorts. I had the pants on this morning and as the afternoon warmed up I put on my shorts. Literally the most comfortable pair of shorts I have ever worn. They are the perfect weight-not too light that I feel vulnerable, but and not too heavy or cumbersome. I have been a loyal polo chino short wearer for as long as I can remember and I would trade my polo shorts for MK ones in a heartbeat!" -R Howard

"As usual, Mountain Khakis is the best! Thank you, thank you! Love your product. Can’t wait to have fun with the stickers." - R Konieczny

"I just put on a fashion show this weekend with the new Mountain Khakis collection I received and it was a HUGE hit. Everyone loved what they saw and how well everything paired, no matter what the combination was. The fit is right on, a little better than your pants (a few years ago I had to try several on around my size to find ones that fit great). I am very pleased with my pants and now the new tops. What a home-run, you've hit it out of the park with this new collection."

"I cannot express how thankful I am for your very generous prize. It looks and fits great and I'll proudly wear them and tell everyone the great things you guys are coming out with." - B

"Got my MountainTops today. You guys freaking hit it out of the park. For real. STOKED!" - J Joiner

"Many of our fellow [Land Cruiser] drivers wear your clothing. At any Land Cruiser event across America your logo is seen. Usually when somebody is bent over working on their truck or hammering tent stakes in the ground. I first discovered your product in Overland Journal and have worn your shorts and pants ever since. For myself and many of my fellow Land Cruiser owners, Land Cruiser and Mountain Khakis represent the same things.Durable, Outdoors, Rugged and Fun." - C Tolleson

"I have worn my Teton Twill pants into the mountains, rivers and even the ocean of the Pacific Northwest since getting them. They're reliable, durable, comfortable and lovable. Thanks for upholding your promise of high quality, MK!" -A. Gifford

"I want to say as a cycling fan I think its awesome you guys support Team Mountain Khakis and anything we can do as fans to help support them I'm all in for. There are so few quality domestic teams looking to improve not just the talent by developing young riders, but even fewer committed to doing it clean in the way Adam Myerson has the TMK focused. And I want to thank you very much for supporting those efforts, especially in the face of the tough economy." -B Berry

"Some friends and I went caving in the mountains in February. It was about 20 degrees outside. We had to sneak in to the cave because it was on private property, so we ran through the woods, then descended into the cave. I was wearing my Alpine Utility Pants and we got completely soaked by swimming, did a lot of climbing, and also had to slide down rough rocks on our butts. I used my knees, butt, and hips to smear while climbing up cracks and chimneys in the cave and I was sure that it would take a toll on my pants. When we finally got out of the cave, we had to run about a half mile to the car that was parked down the road. When we arrived at the car our pants were frozen to our legs, so I couldn't check to see if my pants were ripped due to them being frozen and Icy. When I got home I found that they had some scratches in the canvas and one pinhole in the back pocket, all of which add character. Mountain Khakis only get softer and more comfortable after epics." -G. Trent

"I have a got to pair of Mountain Khakis. So far they have helped me by being there when i graduated from college, got two jobs, started my own business, met the girlfriend's parents and looked damn stylish on a 20 day trip down the Grand Canyon. Recently though after 4 years of service they have bit the dust. R.I.P." J. Storrs

"When the Revolution came to Cairo in January 2011 I found myself in our little section of the city cut off from my office in downtown and my wife evacuated from the country. I was tasked by my office with checking on the homes and pets of all the people who were either downtown or evacuated. My Mountain Khaki Teton Twills, with their large pockets and ruggedness took me up and down the stairs of tall apartment buildings carrying keys; stood up to the dogs who jumped up on me to show their affection that they had not been forgotten. I wore two pair over a three week period; no other pant could have taken that beating and looked as good." -E. Coulson

"I went to New Zealand in 06 for 8 months and took only 1 pair of pants (MKs of course) and whatever else I could fit in my backpack (not much). They survived." -M Woods

"My Mountain Khakis are perfect for flying fishing in the clear, blue streams of the North. They are durable, comfortable, and allow me to carry whatever misc. items I need for the day. Thanks!" -D Johnson

"Well here it goes...My testimonial starts way back when. I was notified by MK that I won a free T-Shirt because I "like" MK's CrackBook page. Cool Right? So I am wearing my MK shirt to a BBQ and my 13 yr old niece informs me that the charcoal color "really fits you". After dinner we all head for the mighty Colorado River w/the dogs for a walk. Now being the coordiated neanderthal that I am, I take a tumble and slide down the trail taking some skin off my left shoulder. Finding my wit and looking up to see my niece standing over me she says," Uncle, you DIDNT even rip your new shirt. Now get before someone sees ya!" Needless to say, my MK shirt held its integrity!!! Thanx Again Moutain Khakis for not only dressing me but keeping my happy a$$ safe out on the trail". -T Reed

"I wear Mountain Khakis to school (I'm a teacher), at home, when I walk the dog, when I go hiking, when I'm lounging...and whenever I want to be super comfortable!" -L Jorgensen

"I've always loved the durability of that "other brand" of heavy duty work wear. But I've never wanted to look like a diesel mechanic. I am pumped just to have a pair of tough Mountain Khakis Original Mountain pants so I can wear them anywhere...and not stick out!" -B Greeme

"These are the best pants I've ever owned; won't buy anything else, won't wear anything else because they're comfortable and hold up to anything I can throw at them." -T Wedeking

"I love my Mountain Khakis Women's Granite Creek Shorts! They were a gift from my husband and I wear them all the time. They keep my legs cool and they're super comfortable. I recently wore them to our local Arthritis Walk and got tons of compliments on them! Thanks so much!!!" -N Reinheimer

"Best pants ever. I would wear these every day if my wife let me" -Ben Langhorst

"I just got back from a 10 day hunting safari in South Africa. This trip left most of my gear torn up and worn out, but my Mountain Khaki Original Mountain pants were as good as new. While hunting I would daily have to remove Acacia tree thorns and cactus spines from the soles of my $500.00 boots. It was also a constant challenge to remove the same thorns and spines from the arms and sides of my $120.00 shirts. When it came to my Mountain Khaki pants I never had a single thorn pass thru the material and pierce my skin. The toughness of these pants in the roughest of environments is amazing." -S Mealman

"My [Granite Creek Convertibles] are amazing...most comfortable warm weather pants/shorts I've ever worn!" -T Cobb

"Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!! Thank you SO much for the quality and great care you take in making your men's pants. I have 3 pairs of Teton Twill Pants and would not trade for them." -G Hess

"I was pleased to see someone else here in a pair of MKs here in Springfield, Missouri while I am here for business! I just wanted to say that I am a huge fan and it always makes me happy to see my favorite Wyoming businesses represented so I can show off our little area of the Rockies to folks all over the US! After a quick demonstration, I think I may have converted a few folks! Keep up the good work." -K Hicks

"I ordered from LLBean and Lands End today. You were the first to get it out. What service!!!!" -D Renfro

"I live deep in the heart of Mississippi, and have put your Teton Twill pants through some of the hottest, most humid MS summers in the fields working and in the swamps of the river. I love the way the pants fit and I appreciate the attention to detail that you have put into your products. So, from the depths of the Pearl River Swamp, keep doing what you are doing." -J Willis

"Got some Alpine Utility Shorts. Great short. They remind me of the old Patagonia Stand Up Shorts, but better made and with more amenities (like extra pockets). I am sure they will have a lot of life...and that is why I am going to order more!" -J Plank

"Just wanted to send a LOVE email to you guys. I am on my 6th pair of MK pants! I pretty much wear them exclusively. Teton Twills at work, Orignal Mountain Pant at home, Alpine Pant for outdoor stuff, and just got a pair of Granite Creek Pants for a trip to Guatemala! Thanks for making a product that is of such high quality. I am proud to wear them!" -T Boland

"I go to school at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Alabama was recently hit with some of the strongest most devasting storms in history and my house was damaged or for lack of a better word, wiped out. I lost all my personal belonging and most of my cloths. The jeans or khakis that I did recover were ripped and torn apart expect my Mountain Khakis which I found in a nearby tree, in perfect condition.

These are by far the best pair of pants that I have ever owned and once I start rebuilding and buying new belongings, I plan buying plenty of Mountain Khakis products. Thanks you and Roll Tide!" -Z Daniels

"Was just given a pair of the Granite Creek Shorts from my wife. The Scotchgard treatment and moisture wicking features of the shorts are the perfect cure for swamp ass....clearly the best shorts in the world....keeping my junk dry all day long. Way to go MK. One stop shopping for my shorts for now on." -K Fogarty

"I just wanted to say y'alls gear is top notch. I run a construction business which needless to say puts clothes to the test. MK's Alpine Utility finally brought comfort to durablity. There the only pants I wear on the job, besides my Original Mountain Pants of course." -M McCarty

"My girlfriend and I just got back to the US from a seven month trip through Asia. Packing lightly, I only brought one pair of pants with me, MK Alpine ?Utility Pants. They were amazing, served me well and I just ordered a new pair." -M. Clos

“I've been a MK pants fan for about 4 years now... The pants last twice as long as Carharts/Dickies and even those Firehose pants from Duluth Trading, all while Fitting better, LOOKING better and wearing nicer. I still have 2 pair of Carhart, but they are Exclusively garage/shop pants.” -Anonymous

"A while back I purchased the Alpine Utility Pant to see how they'd compare to my Carhartts, which I wore religiously. A friend and coworker liked the pants and purchased a pair. Because we compete with everything we do, we decided to see who could wear the pants the longest without washing them. The challenge began on October first. We both made it to Thanksgiving and we gave in. Needless to say, we were impressed. The pants stand up to everyday wear, use, and abuse never complaining, giving trouble, or putting us in doubt.

Beginning on December 1, he and I decided that we'd see if we could wear the pants out by wearing them for a month, never washing them, save on the last day of the month. As your calendar likely shows, it's April. The pants look as good (I think better) as they did the day I purchased mine.

I own a single pair of pants for work, they are Mountain Khakis, and they will never be anything else aside from Mountain Khakis. My Carhartt pants have been donated to Goodwill. If it's of interest, I've been through two pair of North Face trail shoes, a pair of Justin boots, two pair of sunglasses, a hardhat, a chainsaw, three pairs of leather gloves, and had to replace a Carhartt winter coat (purchased new in December 2009). No company on the planet makes stuff hard enough to put up with what we do to it on a golf course and comfortable enough to wear every day, except you guys. Thank you." -M Jones

"The one thing I like most about the [Mountain Khakis] pants is that they wear well and that they seem to hold up very well. I have had other “khakis” that did not last more than a year with daily wear and so far am happy that the MK pants have lasted. Indeed you all have a fan!" -T Slappey

"Well, there I was, El Malpais National Monument in New Mexico. 12 Miles of expansive lava fields and tubes. Some of the most rugged unforgiving terrain I have ever witnessed, much less walked on. Mile after mile of sharp, jagged lifeless solidified flows of lava. It started easy enough, cool morning, fairly even grade. Soon we were jumping from one jagged lump to another, climbing into and through ancient hollow tubes that once held liquid rock. As you descend into the caverns you see a completely different side of the desert, lots of water teaming with life in this underground maze. Into the afternoon the sun heated up the desert to near 100 degrees. The hot, sharp rock cut into our gloves, gouged the soles of our boots, scuffed any exposed skin and tore holes into our clothes. That is, except for my Mountain Khakis. The durable canvas withstood every torment that place had to offer. My friends brand name rip stop cargo pants made it half the day before he had multiple tears through the knees and cuffs. With out a doubt the toughest pair of pants I own, they allowed me to fully experience and enjoy this, and many other adventures. Rugged enough to stand up to harshest environments on this planet, and professional enough to wear to work, the perfect pants for any chore." -J Smith

"My sister gave me your Alpine Utility Pants as a Christmas present. It put the wow factor back into my wardrobe. This hasn’t occurred since 1976 when my dad got me bell-bottom jeans with dual zippers at both hips and loops to accommodate my 3-inch white leather belt. You have a great product. A bad car wreck in January put me in the ER and I begged the ER Tech not to cut my pant off. Love my Mountain Khakis!" -C Anderson

"Got my pants the other day - holy crap they fit great, feel great, and look awesome!!! I love 'em!" -Anonymous

"I would just like to say that I have five or six pairs of Alpine Utility Pants and they are the most robust pants I have ever had. I am rough on my gear by nature (I'm a firefighter) and these pants can hold everything I can throw at them. Thank you for your high quality pants and your service to your fellow man." -Jake

"I love Mountain Khakis, best most rugged / comfortable pants ever!" -B Kahler

"I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I used the words “life altering” and “Mountain Khakis” together in a sentence." -T Parker

"Since November, Thomas is walking taller, moving faster and basically 100% more fun since he’s been wearing Mountain Khakis." -J Ferrari

"I really enjoy the Mountain Khakis brand, I believe that Mountain Khakis has the best products especially the pants. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable." -C Murray

"We just received the Mountain Khakis you’ve so kindly donated for our students at Rocky Mountain Pathways Ranch. These are perfect for all of the activities and work projects the students partake in during their stay with us. We truly appreciate your generosity. Thank you!" -A Johnson

"I just wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to Mountain Khakis for producing a terrific product for the working man. I am an active duty US Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team leader and have had an issue finding civilian clothing to satisfy our requirements. I was always looking for trousers that do not scream "tactical" but are still capable of standing up the rigors of our job. We are constantly either deployed, or working in a stateside response role and often end up wearing civilian clothes supporting local, state and Federal agencies. This type of work calls for every approach to work and a suitable wardrobe to match. The average khaki trousers are almost a single use garment as they do not seem to last crawling into crawl spaces, elevator shafts, rooftops etc. It is nice to have finally discovered a trouser that wears well and does not need a ton of preparatory maintenance to be worn. I just wanted to say thanks and that was going to spread the word amongst our community about your phenomenal product. Thanks Mountain Khakis!" -Anonymous

"Mountain Khakis are perfect for what we do. We wear our MKs on a daily basis during training drills, on search and rescue calls, on high-angle rescues or just to walk to class. We could not be more satisfied with your product. Thanks again, keep up the great work." -Sewanee Fire Department

"I went on a walk to the park and they are so warm and comfortable! I look forward to spreading the word about your great product and your excellent customer service." -A Koss

"I have been a fan of MK for the past three years. The story began on a sunny September afternoon. I was recently gifted a fine pair of the Original MK Pants (ranch) and (thanks mom) decided to wear them to a friend's going away party. Smart move. The pants saved my ass when his border collie confused me with a cow (or sheep) and took a chomp at my rear resulting in an egg shaped bruise. Tough drawers! I look forward to slipping into those same pants on a regular basis as I enter the locker room at the end of a long (and incredibly fortuntate) day saving lives at the Yellowstone Club, where I work as a ski patroller. Don't get me wrong, my ski pants are fine, but there's something more inviting about those canvas pants hanging daintily in my locker. They are comfortable, and they have no signs of wear in the three years I've worn them (mostly in winter as I prefer shorts in the summer). So long story short, you make great pants. I can't really afford them on my $11.50 an hour wage, but I sure do like them. Keep up the good work. " -J Jennings

"I have my new cord pants and they are great, thank you for the replacement pair. Keep up building great pants!" -J Mylener

"Mountain Khakis are the only pant I have found that can take the rigorous lifestyle of the mountains of this country, as well as remain presentable as a director for an international organization. Combining meetings with government officials, training to communities and hiking from house to house in these remote areas, I need something that not only is comfortable for walking but presentable as well. These pants fit the bill. Of course, having to cross all the barbed wire fences the gusseted crotch also provides a little extra peace of mind." -R McDonald

"MK, you guys make the best pants in the industry, I have Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, and L.L. Bean pants. Y'all make em the best. " -M Fields

"I just received my order of women's alpine utility pants, and I love that they are sturdy and rugged, but stylish as well. I especially appreciate the button tabs that allow you to cinch the waist, and hope you will continue this feature on all your women's pants. Typically when I buy pants that fit me in the hips, the waist is too big, so this feature is just the right compromise. Thanks!" -K DeSanto

"For the last year and a half I have been thoroughly abusing a pair of Alpine Utility pants and I must say that these are the best pants that I’ve ever seen. I have literally worn them almost every day starting as a Wilderness Ranger in Oregon, which seriously put them through the paces. Other rangers were blowing out other big name pants in no time, but not my MK’s. I liked the way they fit so much that during the winter season I wore them between my base layer and outer shell working as a Ski Instructor in the elements every day. From here I used them while performing maintenance at the base camp where I worked as a river guide. Beyond this, they were my everyday pants for three strait months working as a Geologist in the drilling industry. In my opinion, these are the only pants that I know of that could have withstood this amount of abuse" -E Krause

"I am a big fan of your products having purchased my first pair of pants in Jackson Hole 3yrs ago. I think your website is very easy to use and your customer service people have been very helpful. My son works at Outdoor Outlet in Appleton who carries your line and they think highly of your company. I am a fly fisherman and live in your convertible pants. You are in a competitive market but have done a nice job in nurturing the brand. Wishing you continued success I am." -A.J. Martin, Oshkosh WI

"I own 2 pairs [of the Women's Alpine Utility Pants]! I work in the mining industry and can be in the office one minute & mine site the next. Carhartt is a joke compared to these. Filson Tin Cloth for women would be a much better description. Figure flattering, comfortable....I could go on and on. The men I work with want to know what kind of pants these are because they see the abuse they take. Fashion forward for a gal who wants to look like a girl & work like a man. They look great with my Brighton sunglasses & West Coast Loggers :-)" -She Rock Cracker

"I hardly ever take the time write reviews on my gear purchases, however, I had to let you know just how awesome my Cottonwood Cords are. This is my first pair of Mountain Khakis, and I am so happy to find a great pair of pants! They are so thick and durable feeling, completely true to size, and even stylish. I've been noticing many other "outdoor lifestyle" clothing companies begining to sacrifice function for fashion. You guys seem like you have the perfact balance. I will be ordering in the future, thank you so much for a great product." -H Black

"Dear Mountain Khakis, I'm a documentary photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya, and after a recent mugging the only thing they didn't take was my passport--stashed in my Teton Twill hidden pocket. With limited resources away from America, I'm glad I brought only MK's to cover my bottom." -A Johnson

"I will tell you that you have a loyal customer for the extra effort you all are providing. Thank you very much." -J Gregory

"I just read about your company on the website and now realize I was part of the "excitable word-of-mouth fan-base" without even knowing it. You have a cool culture and values, and make some of the best pants I've ever worn---I like the look, fit, durability, versatile nature, and especially the double pocket. The pants are great, but it's also nice to know they're from a company which shares similar values and interests." -B Jozwiak

"The Alpine pant is tough enough to build two chairlifts in the adverse conditions of the Northern Cascades. I did find them to be more comfortable that my traditional Carhartt's (lighter and cooler), yet they still held up just as tough. And when you only have limited clothes, and ability to get off the mountain for new ones...the durability of the pant is of the utmost importance. The comfort and durability of the pants make them a no brain-er when it comes to next summers lift project." -J Pope

"I can beat the living daylights out of them and still get them clean and wear them out! They last and last and last! Your AMAZING customer service and the fact you have taken Mts (aka the west) and Khakis (the east) and smashed them together in perfect harmony! Way to go gang! Weeeeeeee LLLLOOOOOVE YAAAAAA!" -A Adams

"WOW! You guys are unreal! My new Lake Lodge pants arrived the next day from when I returned the Teton twill. I sure appreciate the service and concern for quality you all have shown to me. I look forward to shopping more and recommending MK to my friends." -B Rountree

"I am sitting in a hotel lobby for some prairie dog meeting wearing my favorite pair of pants... my Mountain Khakis donated by you to the Prairie Dog Coalition and it reminded me that I NEVER THANKED YOU for this greatly appreciated donation. I have worn them om projects with prairie dogs, rattlesnakes, chimpanzees and pgymy hippos... I did not think any pant would replace my Carhartts....but yours are my favorite!" -D Pauli

"Just wanted to send a note to say how impressed I am with Mountain Khakis. While riding my motorcycle home from work, yes Mountain Khakis are stylish enough to wear to work, I was cut off on the road. I put my bike down at about 45 mph and was happy to be wearing your pants. These pants are made from quality materials and great craftsmanship. They literally "saved my skin", as they heavy weight cloth took the beating over my skin. I still wear these pants while outdoors, as the road marks make them not so stylish for work, anymore. Thanks for such a great product!" -S Ryan

"Wow, you get a couple of gold stars for setting a new record time for getting product out. I sent you an email on Thursday and was "In Your Pants' on Friday. Considering the quality I doubt if I will ever wear out my Mountain Khakis.. Perfect fit, quite comfortable and very nice looking to boot." -L Simpson

"I just wanted to let you know that your pants and shorts are without a doubt the best pair of Khakis I've ever worn. I'm not just blowing smoke here... I wore both of them almost exclusively for the entire trip from Colorado to Texas - headwaters to the gulf and was extremely impressed. Super rugged, very comfortable, the mobility factor was great and for some reason they seemed to stay damn clean - and I'm a dirty fellow. I actually fished for sharks, and caught one - all night from the beach - got on a flats boat the next morning and went red fishing all day then got on an airplane with the pants I'd been wearing for three days straight without a worry. I think they fit and look (at least on me) pretty damn good. I couldn't have asked for anything else." -T Romano

"I ordered a pair of capris and the twill pant late night on Oct. 11. Received them on the 13th! They are better than I could ever have expected. I ordered long length and they are perfect-I am 5'9" so they might not work for taller people. They are beautiful--perfect rise, perfect length, perfect comfortable fit. Also got capris--same quality. Only complaint--I wish you had another khaki color--more cream colored. Thanks. I definitely will reorder more pants from you." -R Carson

"Dear folks:I just returned from an epic trip deep into Western Sichuan province in China. Going to China is nothing new to me, but this time I was totally off the grid. For weeks, I was the only westerner I saw, and the Tibetans (The area is predominantly Tibetan) had never seen a foreigner before. Before going, I had to pack, repack and pack again to keep my weight down. I wanted to tell you than my one pair of Mountain Khaki pants and one pair of Mountain Khaki shorts were all I took! They needed a good washing after a month of wearing constantly without washing! Your clothing is amazing! My nephew suggested I buy from you as he swears by his pants. In western Sichuan, I would have worn holes through my jeans, but yours performed perfectly and still look great! Your gear was my constant companion! Thanks so much! I will be ordering again!" -A Wynn

"I don't do this. I don't write to companies. I was one of the first subscribers to Overland Journal, a fine, quality publication, like no other. Between the two of you an offer to "re-up" for three years of the publication (a no brainer) came with a free pair of MK's. Fine with me, I'll try a pair of AUP's. The first pair arrived and went right on my body ("Wow!" me thinks) and right to work with me the next day. I loved them and was bummed when I found a hole in my pocket ("I've got a hole in me pocket." Ringo, The Yellow Submarine) as I envisioned a long process of send them back (at my cost) wait, then receive my money back (which there wasn't any). Nope. You sent out another pair (a different color which I like better) and emailed me a call tag to send the problem ones back. The new ones came, went right on my body, and have only come off for sleep. I am looking forward to a long relationship with MK?" -T Hylkema

"I'm with the NC Fly Fishing team. Just got back from the Americas cup, and wanted to thank yall for the gear. The pants are great and my wife cant get me to wash them cause I wear em so much. Great stuff keep it comin. " -P Colcord

"Just noticed the Mountain Khakis-Overland Journal pair-up. That's great. I have a pair I've worn nearly every day for a year. Top notch stuff!" -J Johnson

"In addition to wearing my many pairs of Mountain Khakis to work every day, I have most recently taken the Snake River Convertible pants (aka Granite Creek) on my three most recent trips: exploring southern Utah, camping in Grand Teton & Yellowstone, and backpacking in the Chiricahuas. These pants are very comfortable to travel in, and make for decent shorts as well. One of my favorite features are the color-codes zippers on the legs (which I have shown to many people). I have had several convertible pants over the years, and it's always a hassle to figure out which is the correct leg to put back on. When I did three days of backpacking the Chiricahua mountains in southeastern Arizona, the Granite Creek convertibles were the only pair of pants I took along. We had temperatures of close to 90F in the day, and around 50F at night, so these were the perfect solution for this ultralight adventure! I think that these pants look sharp with a button-up shirt tucked in, and are comfortable enough to kick around with a T-shirt and Chacos." -J Edgar

"Training...I'm Military. MK are by far the best and most durable pants I use. Excellent product, keep up the good work!" -T Thomas

"We were out on the trail this weekend and used your MK pants [Alpine Utility Pants] as a tow strap. The pants eventually succumbed to the 7,700lb vehicle; ripping along the front horizontal thigh seam, but held on until the very end. If the pants were wet they probably would have made it! If you’re so inclined, we need another pair of MK pants ;)" -A Spiker

"[I love my MK's because] they look great for the office, but are designed for the field." -F Scott Pierpont

"My Women's Utility pants arrived on Friday, and I wore them all weekend outside in the wet and mud, cleaning animal pens, building in the workshop, and working in the yard. Your marketing materials say that they are designed to look good in their stains but honestly, despite the workout I (deliberately) put them through, they did not get any stains. After wearing them all day Saturday, I decided they still looked good enough to wear Sunday afternoon and I wanted to see how much they could take. I'm impressed. They seem to repel water and dirt, and after a good washing this morning, they look as good as new again. They are hands-down my favorite weekend garment now. I plan to add more to my wardrobe and can't wait to see what you come out with next. Thanks so much." -H. Head

"[I was on] an adventure motorcycle trip from central AZ to down near the Mexico border and then back up to the high deserts and mountains of Prescott AZ. With the fluctuating temperatures of April in Arizona the MK Granite Creek Pants were perfect to wear under protective riding pants as they were a wrinkle-free presentable pant when I took off the riding pants. I was also impressed at their ability to hold off stains and that they really don't absorb dust and dirt. When they did get dusty they would just shake or brush off clean." -B. McVickers

"All [Osprey employees] wore their new MKs at least on one day in the Osprey booth- I wore mine three days!" -S. Mix

"Thanks Josh, I wear nothing but Mountain Khakis everyday to work. They are by far the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. Thanks so much for your great customer service." -K. Pressley

"I just ordered a pair of MK's. I have a couple of pairs of shorts, great quality, and durable. Thanks again keep up with the great product" -S. Masi

"Please pass on to your company what a fine product I think you guys make. Really sturdy and good looking to boot. Great customer service, too." -A. Speak

"Just ordered another pair of Alpine Utility shorts. They are the absolute best shorts that I have ever owned!!!!!!!" -P. McCloskey

"Hi Jeanne, The pants arrived yesterday and I can't thank you enough for everything you did to make a complicated exchange (delayed because our trip and recent health problems) a real pleasure. Mountain Khakis Teton Twills are certainly the most comfortable pants I've ever worn -- and apparently the best made as well. What a pleasure after coming out of hospital to step into perfection!!! My great appreciation... and warm regards" -P. Neaman

"I just got off the Profile Trail (Grandfather Mtn.) and LOVE my new Granite Creek Shorts. I'm able to move freely and get wet in the water holes & streams. THEY ARE GREAT! Thank you so much!!!" -T. Mitchell

"I have recently purchased 2 of the MK Teton Twill pants, and 2 of the Teton Twill shorts. I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the MK pants. I am about to order 2 more of the Teton Twill pants and 2 MK Mountain Pants as well. I enjoy the Teton Pants because I wear them at work as a insurance and financial professional during the week with a dress shirt. I like the shorts when I am on the tractor on my family farm or fishing for Redfish on the coast, or Bass in the lakes and rivers of South Carolina. The light weight of the Tetons keep you cool and stretch perfectly when you are in full movement. Keep up the good work." -D. Creswell

"I'm wearing the Twills at work right now, and will be in the AUPs all weekend!" -D. Minifie

"Dear Mountain Khakis, I have owned a pair of Men's Teton Twill Pants since 2003. They have been my favorite pair of Khakis for the last 7 years. I worked at an outdoor store in Tuscaloosa, AL and bought the khakis when they first hit the shelf. I did not expect that I would still have the same pair all these years later. They are nearing the end of their life but I will surely replace them with another pair. These are the most durable khakis that I have ever owned." -B. Baggett

"Just got my second pair of Teton Twills. There's only one thing wrong with them: Now, no other pants will do! They are seriously freakin' awesome. The most comfortable well-built pants, period. Don't change a thing!" -M. Heckman

"Best. Pants. Ever. Mountain Khakis. That’s all. Keep it up." -D. Clayton

"As a commercial and editorial photographer, my work takes me to a variety of locations and climates. I have long been a fan of Mountain Khakis products, and with the launch of the Snake River line, I believe that they have now created the ideal pants for photographers. Sure, I know they were designed for outdoor pursuits like fly fishing, hiking, and just generally being outdoors, but those are also the perfect proving ground for developing an excellent product for photographers using these pants in various climates. With secure zippered pockets for spare batteries, memory cards and other accessories, I can travel to a shoot with much less “baggage” and have my essential gear with me at all times. The thigh pocket is the perfect size for a light meter or an iPhone, and the light weight/quick drying build of these pants is ideal for photographers capturing the perfect shot of a subject on the river, hiking trail, or in a studio. I have been using these pants across the past month, and I have been really impressed with this new line from Mountain Khakis. I will continue to test them across the summer, but my early read is that Mountain Khakis has created a winner in these pants." -K. Coloton

"Whoa! I can't rave anough about your women's Teton Twill pants. I have a pair in both colors and should buy a second pair of each because they fit PERFECTLY! My shape is tough to fit; I'm 5'2" and have a curvy, athletic build. It's as if you knew exactly what I needed in a great fitting pair of pants, and made them just for me! I wear these pants to the office as often as possible. You've got a fan in Longmont, Colorado! Thank you so much" -J. Reeves

"I was walking into the downtown YMCA this morning, and this guy said, 'Those pants are great.' I forgot I was wearing an MK shirt. He started going into detail about the pockets, the fabric, etc. and said that he had some friends who own businesses out in Jackson Hole (bait and tackle shops, maybe?) and that 'everyone out there wears them.'" -W. Barron

"I did a nice solo overnight on a 5400 peak near Mt. Mitchell in western NC. I wore my new Snake River Pants while I was up there and I really liked how they were lightweight and quick drying, but much beefier and warmer than the typical nylon pants. I definitely plan on getting some of the shorts now!" -B. Dean

"Both my wife and I received the Alpine Utility Pants and Shorts as a gift and absolutely love them! The pants are truly unmatched in terms of comfort style and durability. And for someone who has worn Patagonia stand up shorts for the past 25 years, I now have a reason to make a switch as Mountain Khakis simply makes a superior product. Sorry Yvon." -Mike & Sara M.

"Snake River pants are da bomb!!!!! Just bought two pair and I haven't worn anything else in a week(pants, that is). I purchased both the full pant and zip-off bottom style and they are the best river style pant I own!!! These are hands down my new favorite pair of pants!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!" -Steve

"I recently bought a pair of the M's Lake Lodge Twill pants. I use them primarily for rock climbing when the weather is a little too chilly for shorts. I wanted to say that while this is probably not their intended use, they are the best pants I have ever found for the job. It's very hard to find a pair of pants that can hold up to the abuse of climbing, but also have that little bit of stretch for unrestricted movement. Thanks so much for the great pair of pants, and keep up the good work. You now have another dedicated follower, and I will continue to recommend your pants to all of my friends." -E. Walter

"I have been enjoying soooo much my Flannel-Lined [OMP's] and Snake River Pants!!! Which I always wear ;-) The Snake River Pants are so versatile and practical. I wear them in the city or on the boat, in the outdoors. The Flanel-Lined [OMP's] are perfect for late afternoon and evening and when I need a rough pair to go photographing. Right now, after traveling with them, sailing the Sea of Cortez, trekking the desert of Baja, driving Patagonia, of hiking the andes, I looooove them. Can't wait to go to the jungle now in 2 weeks." -D. Fox

"I tested out the Mountain Khakis Snake River Pant. And I love them just as much as the shorts. I do not have the convertible but I think they would be the best all around pant to buy. I used the pant hiking for a few miles and climbing all day. I have to say I am very impressed, again. Very comfortable." -E. Gianelloni


"Thank you for the Mountain Khakis Lake Lodge Twill shorts....I don't know how I've managed without them. They are so comfortable and soft! I'm a convert." -C. Ragar


"I (heart) my alpine utility shorts. They have everything a product fit engineer / hiker / viking / handyman needs. I thank you kindly." -N. LeFort

"You guys build great stuff that even I can’t wear out! Thanks for the very courteous support!" -E. Driscoll

"I tried a pair of Mountain Khakis and liked them so much I now have 8-10 pairs of the khakis in various colors and styles, 2 pairs of their jeans, and now four pairs of the Snake River pants (both colors, both styles). I have not had a chance to try out the latter, but with wading season fast approaching, I should be able to soon." -M. McCorcle

"Love your OMPs, TTs, and LLTs! Thanks for making the best pants anywhere." -H. Boykin

“As you may know, I've been working at Kinnucan's in Tuscaloosa for most of this school year. The other night when I was working a shift, Alabama Football player Corey Reamer came in and was looking at the MKs. After walking up to him and asking if he'd tried a pair, he proceeded to tell how much he loved the product! I told him we were going to be receiving the new Snake River collection this week and he is going to come pick up a pair soon! So needless to say, I've got a new reason why people should buy MKs...National Champions wear Mountain Khakis! Have a great weekend and I hope all is well." -Adam

"I was wondering around for a few days on the flats of Urethra, Bahamas fly fishing for bonefish and found my Snake River Pants were great for protecting me from the sun. They are light, comfortable, have plenty of pockets that can be zipped closed, and allow for the legs to easily be removed. I will bring them with me again the next time I hit the flats." -R. Schiltz

"I am a boat captain; I shuttle backpackers to and from Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior aboard the M/V Voyageur II. On almost every trip passengers comment on my MK OMPs and I can't say enough good about them. They are the most comfortable and durable pants I've ever owned. Whether I'm handling passengers backpacks, handling the lines or docking the boat, these pants stand up to the rigors of Lake Superior life. I have had one such pair for over 5 yrs now and they're still going strong. Cheers and keep up the good work!" -M. Becka

"I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary pair of your pants for design work I did with Outside Bozeman Mag. I was impressed with my pair of Cottonwood Cords from the very beginning. First off they fit and look great! something that is hard to do for me usually as I'm not a skinny mini. I love the feel of the pants and the stretch that they have and find myself reaching for them over other choices most mornings. I have been very pleased with these cords, they are very comfortable and seem to be ready for anything including lounging. Thanks for a great product" -Angie

"I'm embarrassed to admit, I wear these pants every single day."  -C. Shuler

“I mean it when I say you make outstanding products. There are few companies making clothes that last, WORK, and feel good; as a young bush pilot the former(s) is a real joy for me. So, thank you, keep up the good work!”  -Spreading the Word

“Hello, I just bought my first pair of OMPs yesterday at the Alpine Shop in Rangely, Maine. Washed them last night and wearing them now. WELL DONE! These are excellent pants. I look for unique pants that are a bit heavier weight with some design extras for longevity that aren't too run-of-the-mill - you guys nailed it. I wear Carhartt, Patagonia, Kuhl, Columbia, LL Bean, and Filson to name a few. These OMPs are hands-down the pick of the litter, and I can see how other similar pants I own (like a pair from Territory Ahead) are nothing more than knock-offs. I'm part of an apparel company, so I know the value of feedback. Pleased tell your Team that they are doing GREAT work. THANK YOU.”  -Cheers

“I love them, what more can I say.”  -E. Gianelloni

“Tell whomever designed these things that they came up with an awesome pair of pants!”  -R. Schiltz

“Here is a funny testimonial for you. The other day I was wearing a pair of MK Original Mountain Pants. I stopped at a store to quickly run in, hopped out of the truck phone in one hand and keys in the other. I think the toe of my flip-flop, yes MKs and flip flops - awesome combination, caught on the edge of the curb but whatever happened I went down. A full layout on the cement, face first with my chest on the ground, almost comical but I swear I was sober! My hands and knees took the fall. I got up and brushed myself off, looked at my pants and not a scratch. Absolutely no evidence of trauma to the pants. Later I found a quarter sized abrasion on my knee, a good old skinned knee which scabbed up and everything. The pants were untouched so I must have skinned my knee on the inside of my pants, those are some though pants, like concrete!”  -B. McVickers

“The MK flannel pants have been on no less than five backcountry trips and they worked great for warmth and durability on these backpack deals. They’re not lightweight by any means, but they were not meant to be. The pants were warm, and that's what I had them in my backpack for. They were the first thing I put on in the evenings, and the last thing I took off after the sun came out.”  -R. Shandley

“I have worn Mountain Khakis in some of the most difficult conditions of the world, including our recent expedition to Central America. I am a real fan.”  -S. Brady

“Keep the MK Team fired up - you have guys have great product and I'm proud to wear it daily (and I mean Daily!).”  -A. Mills

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for making such wonderful pants. Over the past three years, I have accumulated four pairs of Teton Twills and a pair of Alpine Utility pants (which still haven't broken in). I am a high school teacher, and the Teton Twills are the perfect pair of pants. Seriously. I am also a huge cyclist (and cycling fan), and I would like to thank you for sponsoring the MK team. I had a chance to see them in Charlotte last year at the Criterium race. Thanks again for making the best pair of pants in the world!"  -P. Bird

"My very serious complements on your MK Teton belt and buckle. Much more than I expected. Excellent craftsmanship, superb materials, wonderful design, excellent fit. Altogether an excellent product, and much better than one might have expected given the price." -D. Shafe

"Best work clothes made, except Filson, love your MK utility paints. Three years and still looking good. Maybe a few more years and I will have to buy some more. Keep up the great quality."  -J. Etheridge

"Just thought I would drop you guys a line to say thanks for all the great service and above all GREAT PANTS! I recently bought a pair of MK Alpine Utilities and rushed out not long after putting them on and bought another pair from the great fellers' down there at your local Mountain Hideaway here in Lubbock, TX. You customer service is by far the best! I say this because I had some problems with the sizing on a couple of pairs of the OMP and you guys worked with Mountain Hideaway to swap them with no cost or wait to me. This simple action on MK's part makes me a loyal customer. I hope you guys realize how great a dealer you have in Mountain Hideaway. Thank you very much and keep making the AUP's, cuz I'm gonna keep buying them! P.S. I now own about 5 pair of MK's and only discovered these pants less than a year ago! HA!" -J. Huddleston

"Just picked up a few pair of your pants at REI, they are amazing! They fit and look great and the quality is impressive! Thank you! I'm looking for to picking up some more pieces in the future! Cheers!"  -T. Samuels

"Just wanted to say that I'm beyond impressed with your khakis. I've got a pair of the Originals that I've been wearing virtually non-stop while on a motorcycle trip to South America... once in a town I'll always throw them on and ride around, always using the hidden pocket for my wallet. The comfort in the crotch is golden, the gusset works wonders."  -T. Litsey

"Just bought another pair. Love em. My favorite of all time!"  -F. Wood

"Dear Mountain Khakis, I have been a backpacking guide throughout the southwest for about 4 years now as well as doing some contract work for the BLM. Starting off with this type of work I was all into the synthetics and lightweight stuff. After many pieces of clothing shredding on the rock walls of Flagstaff, or multi-day trips in the Grand Canyon, I sought a new change to my recreational wardrobe. For years I have been struggling to find the right pair of thick, burly, looks-best-covered-in-nature, cotton pants. mmmmmmmmmmm. After hearing about Mountain Khakis, I decided to purchase a pair of your Original Mountain Pants and HOLY TEEWINOT PEAK!!! I absolutely LOVE these pants. I have never seen burly pants look and feel so good! I slam my PBR into yours with a wild "CHEERS" Mountain Khakis. The panels are not flashy, the re-enforcements are PERFECT, they fit like no other company does, they make me look great and feel confident on the trail, at the crag, on the bike, playing disc golf, or playing pool at the bars. I cannot help but recommend your brand to EVERY guide or outdoorsman i know. Keep up the high quality and great attitude. Thanks for the simple yet staunch pants I have been looking for."  -R. Totoonchie

"Good on you guys for getting behind and sponsoring a bike team!"  -C. Batson