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Guide To Spring Bass Fishing


Spring Bass Fishing

Justin Bamberger

Springtime bass fishing, there's nothing quite like it. As the weather warms up and the snow starts to melt away, it's the perfect time to grab your gear and head out to the water for some of the best bass fishing of the year.

First things first, location is key. Look for areas with shallow water, like coves, creeks, and flats, where the water temperature is warmer than the surrounding areas. This is where that bass will be hanging out, getting ready to feed up for the spawn (pre-spawn). Though some still might not be ready to move up shallow. If that’s the case, you can find them hanging in the deeper areas close to shallow water.   


Now, let's talk about technique. Soft plastic baits are a popular choice for springtime bass fishing, as they can be rigged in various ways and mimic the forage in the area. Worms, lizards, and creature baits are all great options. These baits can be fished slowly along the bottom to entice those bass to bite. Just remember to use natural colors, like green pumpkin or black and blue, to blend in with the environment.  


When those water temps get around 55 degrees, you can start throwing topwater baits. Buzzbaits, poppers, and frogs can all be used to entice bass that is feeding near the surface. These lures are especially effective early in the morning or late in the evening when the water is calm, and the light is low. Just be ready for that heart-pumping moment when a bass explodes on your lure!   

Remember to pay attention to the weather and water conditions. Springtime weather can be unpredictable, so it's essential to come prepared not only with all the lures you will need but also with the right clothing. This time of the year, when you arrive at the lake in the morning, it will be chilly, but by the afternoon, it’s blazing hot.   

During this time of the year, I wear the men’s Trail Chaser Shorts matched with the Men’s River Long Sleeve Woven Shirt. Both are light, quick drying, and with a UPF 30+, it allows you to fish comfortably without having to lay the sunscreen on. Another thing to remember to bring is a water-resistant jacket for those unexpected spring showers. The Men’s Mountain Rainier Jacket is my go-to. With sealed seams, a three-panel hood, and a vented body, you will stay dry and cool all day.   

In the end, springtime bass fishing is all about enjoying the outdoors and having fun. Take your time, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the season. And who knows, you might just catch the biggest bass of your life. Tight Lines!

Justin bamberger


Guide To Spring Bass Fishing

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