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The Khakis Chronicles

Turmoil in the Office Part 2. | Is this real life now?
You ever get that feeling you can’t get away from work? Like you spend more time with your co-workers than your family.   Monday: I decided I was g...
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What Is Leave No Trace | And Why It Matters
Whether you're new to hiking or a seasoned veteran you’ve probably seen or heard of “Leave No Trace” at least once. Whether it was a poster staple...
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A Not So(cially) Distanced Future | A concert goer’s guide to surviving stay-at-home lockdown
Around this time every year, the blossoms bloom, the birds chirp with delights of spring, and the musical world drools over dates for summer conce...
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Our Four-Legged Friends: Grateful Now More Than Ever

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Turmoil in the Office | My First Week Of Work In Quarantine
I knew it was coming. There were rumblings on the streets, on social media…even the news was eluding to it. I couldn’t get away from it. Nowhere to...
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Our Four-Legged Friends: Grateful Now More Than Ever
Well, it’s safe the say the world looks a little differently today than it did a month ago. Whether it’s called social distancing, stay at home, sh...
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Why We Dropped Everything And Lived Out Of Our Truck For 30 Days
We were still connected. Always checking emails, on the phone, and putting out fires. We never really left the office.
You know the feeling?...
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