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Campus Program

Did you know? MK is the unofficial uniform of your campus. Maybe you did know that. With our MK Campus Program, we're making it official.

Consider it our 'starving student special'... if you're part of an organized herd on campus - like an outdoor program, fraternity, sorority or club sport - your crew likely qualifies for our Campus Program. Whether your attire is more the lounger look, or whether it's more the best-dressed category, MK has something for everyone. Our Teton Twills say tidy prep as well as chill slacker. Our Original Mountain Pants say git 'er done as well as rip it up. The best part? It only requires 10 units to open an account and get started at a great discount. We want you to look - and feel - your best at all times on and off campus. Represent your school, represent your herd, represent MK!

If our Campus Program sounds like something you're interested in, please fill out the form below and we'll get you started.

We also have a College Ambassador Team. If you are interested in this program please visit here for more information.  
​*Fall semester application deadline is July 15th and Spring semester deadline is December 15th of each year.