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Andy Rawls

Craftsman & Furniture Maker
Andy Rawls

First and foremost a craftsman who's been cutting up wood since 2005, Andy Rawls ventured out on his own in 2011 with the start of his own furniture business and since has built over 300 furniture projects, ranging from heirloom dressers to a complete interior of a 56 Flying Cloud Airstream.  His shop is located just a short walk from his back porch in Boerne, Tx, where he balances time between building custom furniture, filming projects and hanging out with his family; wife, Emily and three kids June, Johnny and Judson. He completed a Bachelors in Telecommunications in 2005 but the calling to become a furniture maker pulled him away from pursuing his second passion of film making.  However, in 2016 he dusted off his camera and launched a YouTube channel filming his work in the shop, which to date has received over 50 million views. This recently sparked a new venture into the pursuit of filming talented craftspeople across Texas with a project called Have It Made. Andy continues to pursue a simple life of building furniture, sharing craft through the lens of a camera, and raising kids who might one day see the value of working with their hands.

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Andy Rawls

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