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Men's Apres Pullover

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It's all about warmth and comfort with this high-pile fleece, stretchy pullover.

  • 8.3 oz 100% polyester high pile fleece
  • Slotted buttons attached with twill tape
  • Flatlock seams
  • Placket trim: 100% nylon taffeta
  • catalog reference #: A10

2 reviews

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Great sweater--keeps you warm as a bear!

This is part sweater, part conversation piece. It’s SO fuzzy/thick (not to mention soft/comfortable) that it might be an odd choice if you are meeting people for the first time, trying to make a serious impression, etc. However—around family/friends, those who know and like you, it’s a great piece of apparel. Good fit, extremely comfortable material, nice color, although it would be more outrageous if there were some brighter colors available.

Joel Zuckerman December 17, 2018

Very comfortable

The Apres has become my new favorite pullover. It’s the perfect comfy pullover to wear when the sun goes down, or is just coming up.

Jake V October 10, 2018

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