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Teton Crest Pant

Men's Teton Crest Pant Slim Fit (Sale)sale

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Designed with hiking and biking in mind. UPF 40+ (blocks 97% UVB rays), seven pockets including two zippered security pockets, full-length action gusset, articulated knees, and "mud flap" reinforced heel cuff with adjustable snap.

  • 5.3 oz 72% cotton, 25% nylon, 3% spandex plain weave
  • Quick-dry and easy care
  • Bar-tac reinforcements
  • Straight leg
  • catalog reference #: 214

5 reviews

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Impressive light weight trekking pants

I am an environmental scientist and explorer who spends a bit of my time working in remote, fairly extreme environments. I was initially skeptical about taking this fabric into the back country so I eased into what I used them for. I've had them for just under a year, but they've been with me for two expeditions to the Peruvian Andes, a trip into the Amazon basin, hiking around Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano looking for a rare bird, and a few trips into the Colorado Rockies. The fabric is impressive. Though they are 72% cotton, they do dry very quickly and they are tough as nails - they show very little wear despite a year of abuse. They're fairly comfortable in warm weather too. Also, the fabric doesn't stretch out much when wet, which is a failing of many nylon fabrics. In short, unless I know that I'm getting heavy precip in cold conditions, these have become my go to hiking pants. The only reason they don't get 5 stars from me is that, for hiking pants, the cuffs are cut a bit narrow, which makes them look a little awkward for high-cut hiking boots; however, the cut of the cuffs make them look better with low top boots and better for rock climbing as well. If I destroy these tomorrow, I would immediately order another pair. Great job MK!

preston sowell January 12, 2019

Perfect Summer Pants for hotter climates

Since I live in Charleston, SC -- where it gets a little hot sometimes -- I love the material! Among the best—if not THE best—MK material I’ve encountered thus far. I like how water resistant it is while, at the same time, allows you to “breathe.”

Clay Bryan June 13, 2018

Great light weigh pants

Overall fit was great and legs are not too big or too tight. Only reason I don’t give them a five was the color- I was hoping for a darker grey and they are a bit lighter than even pictured. I would purchase again in the tan color.

Chad G May 21, 2018

I also had reservations when considering purchasing. Boy let me tell you, just get them. I spent the afternoon hiking up my local ski hill to pick huckleberries. Little did I know the Bears were going to be picking as well. Poor decisions were made, I challenged a Momma Grizzly and her cubs to their prime huckleberry patch. Long story short, I evaded the bloodlust of the Momma Bear by rolling down a double black chute. The pants needed no stitches, I needed 132.

James Baguley May 18, 2018

I had reservations at first when I was thinking about buying these guys. I own a number of pairs of AUPs and they are fantastic, but I’m not a slim fit kind of guy, so the sizing scared me. I contacted MK and had some back and forth with their customer service, which is second to none, and finally decided to make it happen. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. These pants are bad, they fit like they should, I ordered the same size as my AUPs, and couldn’t be happier. They aren’t skinny or truly slim in the fashion sense, but they fit and stretch and move in ways only found in the deepest files of the imagination. The fabric could only have been designed by the likes of NASA, the people who gave us tang and hook and loop fastening tape! Looking forward to more color options, but for now I have the Smoke and will be getting the Brown soon. If you are debating these give them a try and I think you will really enjoy them. Looking forward to the summer and cruising around in them.

Adam A March 29, 2018

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