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Teton Twill Pant

Men's Teton Twill PantMultiple Fits

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The khakis to covet. Angled hand pockets, hidden side-seam deep drill hand pocket, diamond-shaped action gusset, triple-stitched seams, and "mud flap" reinforced heel cuffs make this an MK classic.

  • 8.5 oz 100% cotton twill
  • Bar-tac reinforcements
  • Grosgrain-lined waistband (relaxed fit only)
  • Contoured waistband (slim fit only)
  • Straight leg
  • Catalog reference #: 172 (relaxed), 232 (slim)

75 reviews

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Great pants, but never have them in my size!

My husband LOVES these pants - wears them EVERY DAY! I would like to buy more but THEY ARE NEVER IN STOCK IN HIS SIZE!!!! PLEASE bring them back in 44 x 34!

Melodie Colwell March 11, 2019

I wear these everyday!

I have been wearing these for 4-5 years now and just ordered some new ones, great overall daily wear pants for work in my pediatric clinic Very happy with these pants! the only sign of wear is on the cuffs as the 34" length is just a bit long. I would love to see a 33 inch inseam pant

BD February 7, 2019

Dissapointed again

I have enjoyed Mountain Khakis for many years all the way back to when the inside labels on the waistband were green those were awesome Mountain Khakis...I've had an issue with these pants for a few years now starting with the Original Mountain Pant, I've bought 2 pairs of these in my size and instead of shrinking the more I Wear them the looser they fit it feels like I'm wearing a Garbage bag, Because they are so baggy in the butt, I don't even wear them in Public anymore because I'm embarrassed of how baggy they look...and everyone knows girls don't like guys with saggy Butts. so back in October 2018 I was at a local store here where I live I was shopping for some new pants, I told the salesperson my experience of the 2 Pairs of Mk's that I have that are so baggy that I don't wear them in public. she insisted I try the Teton twill slim fit pant. Slim fit MK's are nothing new to me I do own 3 pairs of the broadway fit and enjoyed them. I tried these new slim fits on and absolutely fell in love with them, and I have wore them a lot, they fit differently from the broadway fit. I love Mountain Khakis Love them!! so I decided I wanted more of these Slim Fit Teton twill pants I recently went to found the Teton Twill slim fit pants got my size ordered 2 pairs of them had them on they're way to me, I...was happy!! Until they arrived. The slim fit MK's I bought at a local store where I live has a white MK label on the waste band that reads slim fit in the description. the mk's I ordered from has a label with a little red tag on the side that reads Broadway Fit... I know what you are going to say these are slim fit yes they are from 2013-2015 era these pants are the old style slim, the new ones fit much different. on your site these are advertised as slim fit not Broadway Fit as they once were on your site. I feel like I got sold old style pants and I've been very disappointed since I got them and that makes twice now because I know the difference in the pants I wanted the updated Teton twill slim fit pants not the Broadway Fit I didn't think you had these anymore because I haven't seen them advertised in a while. However I gave 5 stars because the brand and design are impeccable they are nearly indestructible I own several pair including the broadway fit which I bought a few years back.

Jason Davis January 16, 2019

Good, but Please Fix the Fit

I cannot give less than 4 stars because even though they are not for me, they are still pretty great. The pair of Mountain Khakis I received is by far the best put together pant I have ever seen, felt, or worn. With that being said, I do not understand why the Slim Fit fits more like a boot cut. I am about 6'2 180lbs with average sized legs. The fit is fantastic from the hips down through the thigh, but immediately after crossing the knee, everything changes. The width of the pants through the calf and around the ankles is something I cannot get over. I usually wear small boots or tennis shoes with pants like these so unfortunately, I will be returning them. I really want to love these pants. Please provide a slim fit THROUGH THE ENTIRE LEG!

Payton Snyder January 15, 2019


Love the slim fit Teton’s! Like all other items I have purchased from MK these do not disappoint!

BT January 6, 2019

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