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You'll blend in better with this trout camo. Quick-dry and stain-resistant. Made in USA. 100% nylon. Make it twice as cool and get the matching collar for your four legged friend; you do everything together, why not match with river style? See Trout Collar by Dublin Dog

  • Quick-dry and stain resistant
  • 1 3/8" wide
  • One size (53"), cut & heat-seal to fit
  • 100% Nylon
  • catalog reference #: 457

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Completing the school!

I now have all the freshwater trout belts and love them all. The webbing has held up well on all and I inevitably get comments. Love the colors on the new cuttie and glad to have it in the collection.

Peter D June 28, 2018

Way cool

Love it, but haven't tried fishing in it yet. That seems like a good reason to go fishing to me.

Brian June 6, 2018

Keepin' my britches up so as to not scare the fishies...

Love this belt and the brook trout design too. Like any webbing belt, simple, trim to fit, and occasionally needs to be re-cinched. I might need to get the rainbow and brown trout designs too. Time to go fishing...

TrevorC April 13, 2018

Fish dig it

I have other fish pattern belts, but this one is by far my favorite. Who can go wrong when you are sporting Oncorhynchus Mykiss (rainbow trout) on your body? I have no problems having to cinch the belt and when I wear it fishing I catch more fish ;).

Lucas Stanley January 3, 2018

Gone Fishing

I now have all three fish belts and rarely wear any other belt. I love how they look and, while as another reviewer noted, they need to be cinched up now and again, they work just fine. The webbing is strong and it's super easy to cut it to the right length and sear the end to prevent fraying. No biggie. Nice to have an easy subtle way to express your love of the outdoors.

PeterD August 25, 2017

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