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Men's Tent T-Shirt

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Men's Tent T-Shirt

Men's Tent T-Shirt

Pitch a tent and call it a night. This t-shirt is as feel-good as it is soft and comfortable. Last year we partnered with Recover Brands in Charlotte, North Carolina and our t-shirts are made from recycled water bottles right here in the South - roughly 8 bottles go into each shirt.
Color:Better Brown
Better Brown
Regular price $29.95 Sale

Product Details

  • 4oz, 100% Recycled Content: 50% Upcycled Cotton, 50% rPET
  • Butter-soft fabric
  • Recycled plastic is collected and sorted
  • Plastic is cleaned and chopped into flakes
  • Flakes are pelletized into chips and extruded into polyester
  • Polyester is blended with upcycled cotton fibers and spun into yarn
  • Yarn is knitted into fabric and cut & sewn into a shirt
  • Made in the USA

We make it. You wear it well.
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