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Alpha Switch: the MacGyver of Jackets. Our Alpha Switch Series is the ultimate reversible, insulated multi-tool for your outerwear quiver. Solid DWR stretch softshell on one side, quilted DWR ripstop nylon on the other side. In between, it's layered with 80gm of continuous Polartec Alpha insulation. Perfect for boot-packing up Old Glory then kicking it back down. Qtr Zip features 5 pockets and 11" reversible zipper. Softshell: 90% poly/10% spandex, Ripstop: 96% nylon/4% nylon. Declassified: Polartec Alpha was developed for U.S. Special Ops Forces to be more breathable and dry 60% faster and than other synthetic insulations.

  • Side 1 Fabric: 7.2 oz 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex, DWR.
  • Side 2 Fabric: 1.1 oz 96% Nylon 4% Polyester Ripstop, DWR
  • Insulation: 80gm Polartec Alpha Insulation
  • 5 pockets
  • 11" Reversible Zipper
  • catalog reference #: 739

4 reviews

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Really good, but with flaws

Overall, this is a really nice jacket. I wore it for the first time during a really windy day (Oklahoma is like that) and it is extremely windproof; the cold wind did not penetrate at all, which was a nice surprise. The general layout is good: the pockets are easy to use and the upper pockets are even usable when they are on the inside (as the jacket is reversible). It's comfortable regardless of which "side" you wear on the inside. The bad: the biggest flaw is getting it off. It badly needs a zipper on the side to make that easier. As it is, it's like pulling off a t-shirt that is a little tight on your body (the jacket doesn't have any real "stretch" in the fabric). Expect to have to pull your shirt down and comb your hair once it's off. There's not really a graceful way to remove it in public. This is definitely a jacket for casual wear and one you don't want to have to take on and off while you're out.

Byron Henderson May 5, 2017

Nice layer

Very nice layer, I love how it's reversible. Nice chest pocket on both sides (in/out, not left/right), perfect for your phone.

Morgan April 28, 2017

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