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Hold up. This flannel is more than just a flannel. It's an irresistible experience. Lumberjack tough on the outside, buttery-soft faux fur on the inside. Passion snaps bring the boom to the party. Easy-glide sleeves. Limited-edition colors. 100% poly. Relaxed fit.

  • 2 chest pockets with snap flap closure
  • Passion snaps
  • Bison snap on placket
  • MK embroidery at back right shoulder
  • catalog reference #: 574

12 reviews

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Shirt Review 2 Electric Boogaloo: Noir Edition

This silken lined minx is the ultimate seductress. Picture yourself sitting in your PI's office with no heat since you haven't gotten paid for the Byron Job and not even caring because you are so comfortable in this shirt. A dame walks in and says she needs to find out who lifted her old mans suitcase from the train station last week. They were in town to buy a thing that wasn't exactly legal but was exactly fun. You and her agree to $15 a day plus expenses. You know where you need to go and what you need to do. Your Christopher Fleece lined shirt lets them know you do comfort and style. You up you go and talk to the man that runs vice in Wyoming and get him to see things you way. Flush with $136 in wages you decide to head home but not before heading to the Mountain Khakis Office in Jackson Hole to relax, refresh and browse some of the finest constructed clothes that you can find on either side of the Mississippi. It's like they say the damned have all the time in the world and the innocent be dammed. Stay Comfortable Citizens and remember our motto: "Can't Never Did a F*cking Thing"

Paul Venter February 19, 2017

Fantastic Shirt

This is a great shirt. It is super comfortable and layers nicely, It's construction is top notch and feels fine like summer wine and is tough as bear meat.

Paul Venter January 28, 2017

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