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Whether you pronounce it rodeo or rodeyo, this shirt is your trusty year-round companion just waitin' to giddy-up. Prefers its beers on tap, its weekend long, and its workday short. Sound like you? We thought so. Passion snaps. Imported. 100% cotton. Classic Fit.

  • 4 oz 100% Cotton Yarn Dye
  • 2 reverse pleat chevron pockets with chevron with snap flap closure
  • Passion snaps
  • Modified western yoke on bias
  • MK signature back yoke
  • catalog reference #: 578

7 reviews

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Great Product; Personal Qualm on Overall Fit

First things first. I love this shirt. Absolute quality product, from the feel of the fabric to the design of the flannel itself. And in fairness it's a pretty typical MK fit. However, that is where my minor qualm is with the shirt. At 6'3", the XL is a perfect sleeve length, but I find the cut of the body to be far too baggy for my 195lb frame. I'm still holding out hope that MK adopts a "Tall" fit system that mirrors that other outdoor brand over there in Freeport Maine. If there was a Rodeo shirt with the same sleeve length, but a much more athletic/taylored cut in the body I'd have two in each color.

Quality Shirt

Solid look, true to appearance on site. Fit is perfect...Need it in every color!

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