Men's Rodeo Long Sleeve Shirt (Sale)sale

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Whether you pronounce it rodeo or rodeyo, this shirt is your trusty year-round companion just waitin' to giddy-up. Prefers its beers on tap, its weekend long, and its workday short. Sound like you? We thought so. Passion snaps. Imported. 100% cotton. Classic Fit.

  • 4 oz 100% Cotton Yarn Dye
  • 2 reverse pleat chevron pockets with chevron with snap flap closure
  • Passion snaps
  • Modified western yoke on bias
  • MK signature back yoke
  • catalog reference #: 578

8 reviews

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Great Product; Personal Qualm on Overall Fit

First things first. I love this shirt. Absolute quality product, from the feel of the fabric to the design of the flannel itself. And in fairness it's a pretty typical MK fit. However, that is where my minor qualm is with the shirt. At 6'3", the XL is a perfect sleeve length, but I find the cut of the body to be far too baggy for my 195lb frame. I'm still holding out hope that MK adopts a "Tall" fit system that mirrors that other outdoor brand over there in Freeport Maine. If there was a Rodeo shirt with the same sleeve length, but a much more athletic/taylored cut in the body I'd have two in each color.

Ryan December 14, 2016

Quality Shirt

Solid look, true to appearance on site. Fit is perfect...Need it in every color!

MRP January 31, 2017

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