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Whether you pronounce it rodeo or rodeyo, this trusty companion is just waitin' to giddy-up. Prefers its beer on tap, its weekend long, and its workday short. Passion snaps. Imported. 100% cotton. Classic Fit.

  • 2 reverse pleat chevron pockets with chevron with snap flap closure
  • Passion snaps
  • Modified western yoke on bias
  • MK signature back yoke
  • 3.7oz 100% Cotton Yarn Dye
  • catalog reference #: 564

5 reviews

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Cut Small

I fully expected this shirt to fit like my medium Teton Flannels (three of my favorite shirts). Not even close. The Rodeo isn't made for guys with larger shoulders and chests. I'm 5' 6" and weigh 190 pounds (thank you, CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting!). If a fella has a slim build then sizing should be perfect. Fortunately, one of my sons will be able to wear this shirt because I hate dealing with return shipping, for any company. I gave the Rodeo five stars because the quality is top notch and the look is a retro late '50's early '60's plaid which just ooze classic style. I'll be ordering another (or two), just in a large.

Not your Standard MK Fit

First and foremost, I love the Rodeo shirt. Tremendous shirt that is beautifully executed. That being said, it does fit different than the standard MK shirt and runs slightly tighter in the shoulders and chest. AND be aware that this one will shrink up on you. Even while taking care to hang dry mine, it still shrank up extensively, so now my favorite shirt belongs to my younger brother because it shrank up too much to fit my broad shoulders.

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