MK is on tour, 
spreading the Hell Yeah! vibe and celebrating the intersection of craft beer x outdoor culture.
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Join us! 
We’ll explore:

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  • How to drink a better beer | Crafted froth
  • How to keep apparel out of landfills | Renewal Movement
  • How to get involved in your community | Advocacy 101

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One lucky winner and a guest will win a Jackson Hole Summer Adventure Vacation for two (2), including airfare, lodging, Grand Adventure Park passes, Via Ferrata guided climbing adventures + additional prizes from Mountain Khakis, Stanley PMI, Costa Del Mar, Sweet Water Brewing Company, Left Hand Brewing, Popular Mechanics, Vintage Overland, American Expedition Vehicles and Renewal Workshop.

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Renewal Movement

Bring your retired MKs to your local 
retailer event and join the Renewal!
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