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The Khakis Chronicles

The Quarantine Blues | From the Mighty Toot’
  Ah, there is nothing like the changing of Fall in the North Georgia Appalachians. I wake up in my tent to the birds singing with emphasis and the...
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Finding The Right Belt
What Size Belts to buy and How to Measure a Belt? Getting the correct size belt can be tricky. If you wear tight belt, it might cause pain to your ...
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Men’s Body Types for Different Fit
Do you want to find out what your body shape is and what type of clothing you fit into? Men’s body type comes in different forms and shapes and wi...
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Our Four-Legged Friends: Grateful Now More Than Ever

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Summer 2020 Trend Icons | Women’s Edition
  Summer always seems to be brimming with possibilities and as we look forward to the warmer months ahead there are two key trends we are in love w...
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Turmoil in the Office Part 2. | Is this real life now?
You ever get that feeling you can’t get away from work? Like you spend more time with your co-workers than your family.   Monday: I decided I was g...
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What Is Leave No Trace | And Why It Matters
Whether you're new to hiking or a seasoned veteran you’ve probably seen or heard of “Leave No Trace” at least once. Whether it was a poster staple...
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