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The Khakis Chronicles

A Guide on Heavier Weight Shirts and Shirtjacs

Stepping into Congaree feels like a journey back in time. It's a place where the echoes of modern life fade, and nature's whispers take center stage. The park's serenity is unlike any other we've experienced, owing partly to the dense forest that envelops it and its relatively recent designation as a National Park in 2003. 

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What is a Shirtjac
WHAT IS A SHIRTJAC ANYWAY?   We live in confusing times in a confusing world. Augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence have crept int...
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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him
Beyond outdoor apparel, it's his ultimate companion in every endeavor. Engineered for a perfect fit and built with enduring materials, it's a style that stands the test of time. Give The Gift of Dressing Well
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A Brief History of Blue Jeans

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Stories of Legacy: Black Powder Coffee

Join us for a tale of exceptional coffee craftsmanship with Black Powder Roasting Company, a local family-owned coffee roaster born out of a quest for superior quality beans and a commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

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True North
TRUE NORTH Stepping into the new year, Mountain Khakis embraces the spirit of adventur...
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End of Year Letter
A LETTER FROM MOUNTAIN KHAKIS' PRESIDENT    Dear Friends, Fans & Family of Mountain Khakis!    As 2023 draws to an end we want to than...
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