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How To: Find your Waist and Inseam For Pants

Do you know what your exact pant measurements are? Knowing about your Inseam and Waist measurements makes shopping for your pants a breeze. Don’t worry, all you need is your favorite pair of pant and soft flexible measuring tape with your helpful friend.


What is an Inseam? 

The inseam is the distance from the bottom of the crotch stitching—directly between your legs—down to the bottom of the leg opening


There are 2 ways to measure your Waist and inseam. Either pull your favorite pants or measure around your body.



Measuring Waist:

Lay your pant flat on the table to get an accurate measurement. Smooth out all wrinkles in order to get a perfect measurement. Also, button and zip up your pant before measuring. Then measure straight across at the top edge of the waistband and double your measurement.

 Ex: 17” * 2= 34”

If you are measuring around your body, wrap your tape around your waist where you normally wear your pants. Add 1” to the measurement to give you room to sit comfortably for non-stretch pants. For Jeans which has stretch, you can size down because of stretch in your fabric.

For well-fitted pants, you should have a finger of space at the waist.





Measuring Inseam:

Lay your pant flat and measure from crotch point and walk your tape along the inseam to edge of leg opening. Which will give you Inseam of your pant.


If you are measuring your body, stretch your legs apart measure straight from crotch point, straight down to the edge of your foot. 


Luckily at Mountain Khakis, we carry different Waist and Inseams and by providing a little knowledge above will help you to find the perfect fitting pant when you shop next time.

Click here for our full Men's Fit Guide.

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