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Turmoil in the Office My First Week Of Work In Quarantine

I knew it was coming. There were rumblings on the streets, on social media…even the news was eluding to it. I couldn’t get away from it. Nowhere to hide. I was being transferred to a new home office against my own will. I made sure to journal my days so I can make a case to be transferred back some day.



I arrived early to my new office as I wanted to make sure to make a good impression. My supervisor was already waiting for me and didn’t even acknowledge me as I sat down at my new desk. Our desks are strangely close as we sit back to back. I think this must be so she can track my work. My first project was to meet my direct reports and have a working breakfast with them. There were 2 of them. They showed up disheveled, hair a mess, looking like they walked straight from bed to the office. I proceeded to invite them to breakfast in the breakroom. The taller one seems to take direction well but the shorter one is definitely a wild card and I must keep my eyes on her. She seems a tad aggressive as she kept standing up in her chair like a wild banshee reaching for her drink with the grace of a wobbly truck tire rolling down a hill. After breakfast I put the two junior level employees to task as I retreated to my desk. Still nothing from my supervisor.  About the time I started to really get going my supervisor mentioned that we should make lunch for the junior employees. “What a great service leadership mentality,” I thought. I was SHOCKED at how rude the junior employees were. The tall one stuck her nose up and refused to even try the sandwich citing “I cut it wrong” and the short one spilled her drink and proceeded to laugh without even cleaning it up. Where is HR when you need them? I’m concerned the short one is a habitual liar as she stared right at me and blamed the tall one for spilling her drink.  The junior employees are very loud. I’m trying to stay positive but worried that they may be a handful for me to manage. Overall day was okay.




Again, arrived to work early. Supervisor already there. No interaction whatsoever. The junior employees were 2 hours late today. Again, showing up looking like they stayed up partying all night. The short one had what appeared to be a ragged blanket with her. Who would bring such a thing to work? Throughout the day my direct reports constantly need things. The tall one is constantly having problems with her iPad and the short one keeps bringing me decorative food like cupcakes, bacon, ice cream, cake; you name it, she drops it off at my desk like she is an Uber eats driver. Smiles and leaves. I’m not even sure what her job really is.



Finally! Halfway through the week. My supervisor seems to be getting agitated by the junior employees. The tall one filed an HR complaint against the short one and then the short one turned around and filed an HR complaint back. I must say I’m not sure which one of them is actually the problem as they both are blaming each other constantly. I spoke with the supervisor and we agreed to separate them until things calm down a bit. I’ve never seen 2 coworkers crying so much at work. Bizarre. We’ll work on getting them on an action plan. 



WOW. Today was interesting. The junior employees are out of control right now. The short one showed up to work with NO PANTS ON. She didn’t even seem to care. I mean who does that? I busted the tall one watching cartoons on her iPad when she should have been working. The short one has no respect for personal space or social cues and keeps leaning on me, touching me and speaking entirely too close to me. Plus, she calls out for the supervisor and me repeatedly throughout the day and often times when we get to her desk, she just ignores us or laughs at us like some kind of sociopath. I’m concerned with the education level of the tall one too. She keeps asking me how to spell simple words and even wrote a “d” backwards in a company-wide memo.  My supervisor did ask me to go to lunch with her today. She’s pretty cute so that’s a huge win. 




Today was a thriller. Well before lunch time I walked into the office of the junior employees and it was ransacked! Someone broke in and wrecked the place! Food everywhere. Pens, markers and crayons everywhere. Papers thrown around like some sort of giant confetti.  I think the short one must have tried to stop the robbers because she was covered in marker and pen marks.  Personal space is proving to be an issue for both junior reports as the tall one literally climbed into my lap today! How outrageous. I think my supervisor likes me though. She invited me to dinner tonight and wants to make me something that sounded like “Lepht-ophvers” (I guess that’s some type of fancy French hors d’oeuvres or something). The workload seems a tad off. The junior employees get to leave and even SLEEP here at the office while my supervisor and I often have to work late nights to catch up. I think I’m going to inquire with HR about a transfer, but I’ll give it another week and see how things play out.



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  • This made me cry I laughed so hard. Adam, you have a way with words! I love you guys. Stay well!

    Dawn Case aka: Mama D
  • I love it! Can’t wait to see how next week goes.

    Danica Greene
  • BEST READ in a long time……….I’m sure this will continue to keep me smiling today! THanks

    Chris Earnhardt
  • I believe I can find some work for the junior employees. I need an artist designer and someone to keep me in cupcakes. 👵🏻

  • This is so fun! You’ve nailed your descriptions which so many people I’m sure will be able to relate. Thanks for sharing.

    Mari Webb

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