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A Brief History of Blue Jeans



It is safe to say that you own a pair of blue jeans. There is perhaps no single more iconic piece of clothing, no fabric more synonymous with comfort, rugged construction, and more widespread than denim. But it wasn’t always like that.

The Birth of Denim

It took the same people who gave us champagne, the Statue of Liberty, the Joie de Vivre to come up with denim. Yep, that American classic, started off as Serge de Nîmes. Garment makers in Nîmes, France wove a blend of cotton twill fabrics dyed with indigo to create a sturdy fabric intended for use by laborers. This new fabric from Nimes (de Nimes) would become denim.
At about the same time corduroy manufacturers in nearby Genoa, Italy were working on ways to expand into lower cost, longer lasting work wear. For more than a century prior they had come up with an earlier concept of this fabric chiefly worn by farmers and laborers. It wasn’t until the Genoese Navy put out the call for a sturdy uniform material that could be worn by sailors regardless of weather or duty. This new blend of denim and Genoese construction put blue jeans on a global stage. But what would it be called? French merchants referred to their Genoa based competition as Gênes and so the rest of us call them jeans.

Denim's Journey to the American West

As the industrial revolution ignited and global trade boomed new manufacturing techniques were developed, fabrics were improved, and variations of the fabric and garment appeared throughout the world. Westward expansion in the United States saw a boom in economic sectors the required durable clothing that would allow workers to build cities, mine for precious minerals, or be in the saddle for hours on end. The modern blue jean, having been built from the skill of European textile dynasties, would be born in the American West. 

The Rebel Without a Cause James Dean showed us how to make blue jeans look rebellious and cool, if not effortless, and a new evolution of this uniform material was born. Two decades later and jeans weren’t just for dirty jobs or making a statement, they were part of our increasingly casual lifestyle. Indeed, few garments are as comfortable or sought after a pair of properly fitting well-worn blue jeans.


Continuing the legacy of quality denim, the Mountain Khakis Miter Denim Jean embodies the essence of classic craftsmanship. The Miter Denim Jean is a classic 5-pocket pant built with just enough stretch and our Action Gusset to allow you to move comfortably. Our standard triple-stitched seams and bar-tac reinforcements ensure durability. Cut in our Classic and Modern Fit, they look and feel great and can have the leg opening to allow you to pair them you’re your favorite boots. Available in two washes, Dark and Medium, the Miter Denim Jean is certain to be your go-to pair of jeans for years to come. 

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