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Khakis vs Chinos: What's the Difference? & More

For over two decades, Mountain Khakis has been the authority in crafting perfect men's pants, drawing on our heritage of creating durable, timeless, and premium apparel. We know a thing or two about khakis, so it’s in our name for good reason. Our aim is to craft quality men’s outdoor apparel that will stand the test of time.

What are Khakis?

Khakis, synonymous with casual comfort, trace their roots back to military uniforms. Crafted from 100% cotton twill or durable cotton canvas, khakis are celebrated for their relaxed fit and earthy tones. Canvas as a construction is a basic or plain weave, which is understandable considering the history of canvas, and how long it has remained a favorite material across multiple industries. However, don’t be fooled when we say that the construction is basic. The plain weave construction is incredibly durable and naturally water repellent.

At Mountain Khakis, we've embraced this heritage, creating khakis that embody the essence of rugged versatility. Our Khakis use 98% cotton fabric and a spandex blend to allow for stretch which gives the pants added durability and comfort.

One of the best parts of khakis is their versatility. Thankfully, figuring out what color shirt goes with khaki pants is never complicated because of their classic neutral color and timeless appeal.

Types of Khakis

When selecting the type of khakis you need, start with your use case. Khakis come in various types and styles, catering to different preferences and occasions. Khakis can be used for tough work outdoors or in lifestyle and casual settings. Khakis come in various fits and fabric weights depending on their construction.

Dive into our range of khakis that cater to diverse styles, from classic fits to contemporary cuts. Our khakis promise comfort, durability, and an unmistakable touch of outdoor charm. Our most popular type of Khakis are the everyday versatile choices where the Camber Original, Camber 105, and Mountain Pant remain the go-to choice for most of our customers.

What are Chinos?

A traditional chino pant is a flat front construction with no pleats, knee darts or other seams that you will find in our khaki collection. Chinos are meant to be for everyday wear, so typically they have cleaner, simpler design lines in a tailored fit and have a natural drape, making them perfect for semi-formal occasions or for wearing to the office. Chinos are a favorite choice for ultimate versatility.

Chinos, derived from "chino cloth," epitomize casual sophistication. With a sleek appearance and a tailored fit, chinos bring refinement to everyday wear and business casual outfits. Chinos are the perfect go-to pants for everyday use. A clean tailored look with classic cotton twill fabric leads to ultimate versatility. Appropriate in the office, weddings, and brunch on the weekend, the chino is designed to have you looking your best.

At Mountain Khakis, we engineer our chinos for the perfect fit and offer different varieties in fit to suit the varied preferences of our customers. Our Homestead chino pant remains a favorite, made from our mid-weight twill with a touch of stretch for all day comfort.

Types of Chinos

Chino pants are traditionally made of a cotton twill, characterized by its diagonal rib lines that are visible when examining the material closely. In weaving twill, the horizontal weft thread is woven over the vertical warp thread and then offset by the row above, creating the diagonal pattern.

Chino pants for men come in various styles to suit different preferences and occasions. Classic chinos typically feature a straight-leg cut with a mid-rise waist and are versatile for both casual and semi-formal settings. Slim-fit chinos offer a more tailored look with a narrower leg profile, suitable for a modern and sleek appearance. Meanwhile, relaxed-fit chinos provide a looser silhouette and increased comfort, ideal for casual wear or a laid-back style. Additionally, there are also tapered chinos that gradually narrow towards the ankle for a contemporary twist.

Main Differences Between Khakis and Chinos

Differences in Their Cut

  • Khakis: A classic fit with a mid-rise that sits on the waist. The Classic fit is a perfect straight cut that’s straight through the hip and thigh, and then remains straight through the leg. The ankle is wide enough to accommodate a work or western boot. Explore our classic fit pants today.
  • Chinos: A tailored, sleek design that comes in three fits to suit the preference of the Mountain Khakis customer. Our Modern Fit is a mid-rise, and sits slightly below the waist and is slightly fitted through the hip and thigh. It has a tapered leg that will still accommodate a work boot, and is also well suited to a dress boot or dress shoe. Explore our collection of modern fit pants today.

Differences in Their Fabric

  • Khakis: Most use a durable cotton canvas, featuring a tight, strong and durable weave that is considered heavy-duty. Due to the nature of the weave, it will protect you against wind and will have natural water repellency.
  • Chinos: As mentioned, chino pants are traditionally made of a cotton twill characterized by its diagonal rib lines. Chino fabric is naturally a bit lighter, designed to accompany you on more sophisticated occasions.

Differences in Their Style

Khakis and chinos cater to distinct style preferences.

  • Khakis: Khakis are more casual pants perfectly suited for weekend outings and outdoor adventures. Khaki pants are functionally designed and engineered as the ultimate outdoor pants for the harshest of environments.
  • Chinos: Chino pants are a clean, crisp style with less seams and design lines. The style is in the simplicity. The engineering genius is in the way the fabric panels are cut for comfort and a natural drape.

Mountain Khakis Chino fits are available in more fits, meaning you can select the style you love, in the fit of your choice. The Teton Pant or Homestead Chino is as close to a custom-tailored experience you will find right off the shelf, without the expensive costs of bespoke tailoring!

When to Wear Khaki Pants

The great thing about khakis is their versatility. Embrace khaki pants for laid-back occasions—weekend outings, casual gatherings, and outdoor adventures. Wondering what to wear with khaki pants for the ideal outfit? Pair them with your favorite tee or a crisp polo shirt for the perfect Mountain Khakis look. Whether you’re out exploring the great outdoors, or if you’re working in rugged, demanding conditions, khaki pants are the perfect style choice. Mountain Khakis products offer functional pockets, maximum durability and engineered comfort built on a platform of superior fabrics and trims that are rigorously tested.

When to Wear Chino Pants

Acting as more of a dress pant, chinos shine when sophistication is key. From business casual meetings to dinner dates, our tailored-fit chinos effortlessly elevate your style, marrying comfort with refined fashion. Headed into the office and then drinks at the brewery after work? Chinos are the perfect option. We like our chinos paired with a crisp button down or solid colored long sleeve dress shirt. Chinos also pair well with a vest in-between seasons or a sport coat when you’re going to a more formal event like a wedding or other important event. We like our Chinos with a beautiful leather boot from R.M. Williams or Thursday Boot Co.

Explore Khakis & Chinos from Mountain Khakis Today

Experience the Mountain Khakis difference. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor khakis or comfortable everyday chinos we guarantee you a perfect fit, timeless style and durable construction. We’ve been doing this for over twenty-years, and it’s no surprise we have thousands of five-star reviews and highly satisfied customers across the United States. We seek to be your one-stop destination for men’s outdoor clothing that you can look and feel your best in.

As a proudly, 100% American owned business we will outfit you in your perfect pair of pants. You can find us at some of the best specialty outdoor retailers across the USA, or online on our website (this one!).

Need help finding the perfect pair? Call our Consumer Engagement team on +1.866.686.7778 and you’ll be connected with a real human in either North Carolina or Illinois. If you want the best customer service in the industry, our team will get you outfitted.

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