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Hunter Cole

Outdoor Photographer
Hunter Cole

No stranger to adventure, Hunter was born and raised in the almost always sunny Orange County, California. Hunter spent as much time outdoors as he could growing up, whether it was spending hours in the ocean, camping up and down the state, or on a baseball diamond. When Hunter's college baseball career came to a screeching halt after an injury, he found his love for photography. Hunter knew instantly that he wanted to merge his passion for the outdoors with photography. Since then, Hunter's cameras have basically become an extension of him and who he is. Hunter doesn't go on a trip, long or short, without his cameras. Hunter's photography has taken him to parts of the world he never thought he would see and has allowed him to meet some of the most amazing humans on earth.

Hunter is pretty much always on the move, usually with fellow ambassador Brianna Romona and the adventure pup, George. With every new adventure, Hunter strives to capture something meaningful to share with those who may never get to experience it. The world is a strange and beautiful place, and he believes that every one needs to see it, one way or another. 

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Hunter Cole

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