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Brianna Romano

Solo Female Traveler & Digital Nomad
Brianna Romano

Brianna grew up in a household where she semi-voluntarily let her Stunt Coordinator dad test out his newest invention on her in their backyard after school. Imagine a springboard on hydraulics launching you into a stunt pad...when you’re 9. Brianna spent a lot of her life hopping from job to job, but there were always a few consistent things about her: she was always willing to try something new or attempt to learn a skill, even if she was bad at it. she always had a camera in hand, and always said ‘YES!’ to an adventure. Working as a digital nomad for a luxury lifestyle magazine for the past 5 years has allowed her the opportunity to travel to beautiful places and uniquely immerse herself in different cultures. She has also had some incredibly adventurous experiences, from shark diving in South Africa to riding motorcycles across Southeast Asia. As a woman, Brianna gets a lot of credit for doing things on her own, but these experiences have inspired her to want to show others that if she can do it, they absolutely can too. She loves helping people plan trips, and lives for when she gets a message or email from someone telling her they did something new or on their own because of her. 
These days you can typically find Brianna road tripping with fellow Mountain Khakis ambassador Hunter Cole, her dog George, and a very well-curated Spotify playlist for the occasion. Follow Brianna’s Instagram as she and Hunter uproot their lives in Southern California and move to Bozeman, Montana this year.

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Brianna Romano

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