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How Our Customers Designed Mountain Khakis’ Best-Selling Pants

How Our Customers Designed Mountain Khakis’ Best-Selling Pants 

From day one, we set out to create premium, timeless articles of clothing that support the adventurous lifestyles our customers thrive in. Pieces that are durable, modern, and undoubtedly excellent. In our pursuit of excellence, we have gathered many valuable lessons about what truly makes our Mountain Khakis community come back for more. Lessons that led to the successful present-day for this company we love so much. This success was largely thanks to the lead of our expert technical designer, Priya Kumar.  

 Hailing from India, when Priya was just 5 years old, her father would bring her with him to his job at the apparel factory, where she would sit everyday at a table to draw. There she developed a passion for sketching, drawing, and painting, and ultimately led her to pursue a career in Fashion Design and Merchandising. After receiving her degree, she began working in women’s apparel design, where she learned to print and dye her own designs. After moving to the United States, She landed a job as an upholstery designer for carseats and strollers. There, guided by engineers, she learned the more technical side of design, then continued her technical design career at an apparel company for 8 years before joining the team at Mountain Khakis. She began to help us lay the groundwork for tackling the process of executing on our plan to create modern and consistent fits. Here are some of our recent strides towards excellence, and what that means for you, as a consumer. 

we listened

When our sales performance wasn’t meeting the expectations we set, we didn’t blame production, sales trends, or competitors. We leaned in and asked ourselves if we were creating a product that our customers truly loved. The hard truth was that we could be doing better. So we turned to YOU and we are grateful for the feedback and constructive critique we received from you. Fit, consistency, and performance were your greatest expectations in our apparel. It was now up to us to deliver on those.


We spent time researching industry standards defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials. We looked into materials and designs that allow for the ebb and flow of life. We learned which fabrics would be generous to your body on days your weight is fluctuating, or when you decide to head out for a quick run on your lunch break with no time to change. As humans, our bodies need to wear materials that honor and complement the movement each day brings.


Much of our learning also came from the genius of a newly hired technical designer who ensured we put our research to the test. Making adjustments in our factory partnerships in ways that better reflected the specific retail goals we had in mind was a game-changer, too. Additionally, we brought our production closer to our team. Rather than working with factory teams that felt out of reach, we hired new MK members capable of creating the specs developed from our new research.

We delivered, and delivered, and delivered

Delivering you a quality product once just isn’t enough. We aim to make building your wardrobe easy, functional, and fashionable, which means feeling confident enough in us as a brand that you can choose us for outerwear, casual wear, and everything in between. After our standards and manufacturing protocols changed, we were thrilled to see our sales increase. But what excited us about those numbers went beyond just profit. Knowing you loved our product enough to tell your friends, to come back again and again, and trust we would continue delivering quality clothing — that is what thrilled us. Consistently producing apparel that aligns with everything you expect it to be is a non-negotiable for us. Same fit, same quality, with every single order. 


You aren’t just a consumer, you’re a community member. Your feedback is our fuel, and your support is our lifeblood. When you speak up, we are here to listen, and we know we wouldn’t be here without you, so thank you. 

What you’ve helped create at Mountain Khakis 

We know that the outfit you’re choosing for a walk with your dog in the springtime will differ greatly from the one you’re choosing for a snowshoeing expedition after a winter storm. We also know that with a difference in the function of your garments, you may want a different fit, too. 

Mountain Khakis has four core fits to choose from in our pants: classic, relaxedmodern, and slim. While the thickness, warmth, and mobility of the fabric may vary to cater to your activity, you can guarantee the same fit in its core category, every single time.



This style sits slightly below the waist, fits straight through hip, light, and leg opening, and sits over a work wear boot. Camber, Mountain and Flint Utility are standouts in this category. 




This fit sits slightly below the waist and is fitted at the hip and thigh, slightly tapered at the leg opening.


This fit sits below the waist, with a slim fit through the hip and thigh, and is tapered at the leg opening.


As you might have guessed, this pants has a relaxed fit through the hip, thigh, and leg opening that sits below the waist.

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    Here are some answers to your comments!


    We currently are selling jeans on our website called the Miter Denim Jeans. Here is the link if you want to check them out:

    Cody Pant—

    The best alternative to our Cody pants would be our Mitchell pants. Here is the link:

    Please let us know if you have any more questions by emailing!


    Mountain Khakis
  • Would love to be able to buy your jeans again!

    Rick Tooke
  • How about trying the same cell pocket as in the 107’s in your jeans? Come on, let’s see how they sell.


    David R. Williams
  • Do you have a blue jeans type pants? If so which product is blue jeans?

    Rick McGarvey
  • This BLOG doesn’t actually say which are your best selling pants. Curious as to what they are…


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