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What Color Shirt Goes with Khaki Pants?

Are you wondering how to pair your favorite khaki pants with the perfect shirt? No need to pull out a color wheel: we’ve crafted this comprehensive style guide, to explore the best shirt colors to complement your khakis for any occasion. When it comes to pairing shirts with khaki pants, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're dressing for a casual day out or a formal event, we've got you covered. No matter what shade of khaki you have in your closet, light tan khaki or dark khaki pants, the perfect match isn’t hard to find. Figuring out what to wear with khaki pants can be simple once you identify the best color pairings to incorporate in your outfit. 

Let's dive into the world of khaki pants and discover the perfect shirt colors to complete your look.

Khakis with a Blue Shirt

Khakis with a Blue Shirt

Whether you’re looking to dress up or dress down your khakis, a blue shirt is a definite go-to. This option is incredibly versatile – no matter what shade of blue you choose, this color shirt goes perfectly with khaki pants.

Pair your khaki chino pants with a light blue button-down shirt, brown belt, and brown shoes for a more “corporate” look that you can wear all day long. To keep it casual, pair your khakis with a navy blue polo shirt or tee, white sneakers, and a webbed belt. Khakis are a great neutral base, so don’t be afraid to mix it up a little bit with patterns. You can’t go wrong with a Gingham or checked pattern in the spring. In winter, look for heavier fabrics that have a texture like wool or dobby. 

Our Men’s Hamilton Chamois Shirt in “Faded Indigo” represents the quintessential American standard, offering unparalleled thickness, heat retention, and robustness.

Khakis with a Grey Shirt

Khakis with a Grey Shirt

Who says gray has to be boring? Gray isn't just a neutral—it's a versatile canvas that breathes life into your khaki outfit. Embrace the timeless pairing of khakis with light or dark gray for a foundation that complements any outfit. Infuse a touch of sophistication by incorporating textured fabrics, bringing depth and nuance to your overall look. Add visual interest to your fit by layering a gray shirt jac over a crisp white tee, introducing dimension and shaping your outfit with a contemporary twist. Explore our line of shirt jacs today!

The Everett Pocket Shirt in “Jackson Grey” is an essential piece for your clothing collection, offering the ideal mix of sturdy resilience and sophisticated style.

Khakis with a White Shirt

Khakis with a White Shirt

A classic white shirt paired with khakis epitomizes timeless style and serves as the quintessential companion to khaki pants. The seamless fusion of these two wardrobe staples exudes an undeniable charm that transcends both casual gatherings and formal affairs. A white or off-white button-up shirt can be the cornerstone of any outfit. Explore our collection of men’s casual button down shirts today. Pair with a brown dress shoe and belt, and you’re ready for both work and happy hour. 

For a more casual look opt for a henley or a thermal and khakis. This can be combined with a pair of white sneakers for running errands or a pair of brown boots for more rugged outings. 

Our Men’s Axe Thermal in “Parchment” is the perfect complement to your pair of khakis. In a classic crewneck style, this thermal will keep you feeling warm and stylish wherever you go. 

Khakis with a Green Shirt

Khakis with a Green Shirt 

Olive green is a great compliment to a classic pair of khakis. It’s a relatively neutral color that works great with both lifestyle outfits for heading to the office or the brewery, or outdoor ensembles like sitting around a campfire or hiking. Being an earthy tone, olive green can help bring a grounded sense of style to your next outfit. Don’t be afraid to opt for different shades of green, as they can all be perfect complements to khakis. 

For a more rugged look, pair your green shirt with a pair of our outdoor pants that are designed to withstand all the demands of your workday, outdoor adventure, or night out. 

Pair your khakis and green shirt with brown or gray footwear and a brown or gray belt. Feel free to mix fabrics, and look for a shirt with a bit more texture like a dobby or cotton slub to give your fit more visual interest.  

Looking for the perfect green shirt to pair with your khakis? Look no further than our Men’s Waylon Cord Chore Shirt in “Forest Moss” for your next outfit. 

Khakis with a Black Shirt

Khakis with a Black Shirt

Nothing polishes up a look more than the classic color combination of black and khaki. Enrich your outfit by combining your khakis with a sleek black dress shirt button-up, complemented by a matching black belt and black shoes. This choice strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and understated charm. If you're aiming for a more relaxed vibe while maintaining an edge, opt for the casual allure of black short-sleeve polos or tees paired with your trusty khakis. This versatile pairing not only amplifies your wardrobe options but also showcases the inherent swagger that accompanies the Mountain Khakis spirit.

Black shirts can be dressed up or down depending on if you choose to pair it with regular khaki pants or dressier chinos. The choice of khakis vs chinos ultimately comes down to the type of occasion and your preferences, but ultimately, you can’t go wrong either way. 

Pair your khakis with our Men’s Noda Flannel Shirt in Black for a polished look that is suitable for any occasion. 

Khakis with a Pink Shirt

Pink is an underrated yet versatile color that can beautifully complement a classic pair of khakis. Whether you're aiming for a refined office look or a laid-back weekend ensemble, pairing khakis with a pink shirt can add a touch of sophistication and playfulness to your outfit.

At Mountain Khakis, we offer a variety of men’s pants that complement your pink shirt and elevate your outfit–without compromising comfort. 

Like olive green, pink comes in various shades, from subtle pastels to vibrant hues, offering endless possibilities to customize your style. Experimenting with different shades of pink allows you to create looks that suit your personality and the occasion perfectly.

When styling khakis with a pink shirt, consider incorporating complementary accessories to enhance the overall aesthetic. Brown or navy footwear, along with a coordinating belt, can anchor the look while adding depth and balance to your outfit.

Our Men’s Glacier Long Sleeve Shirt in “Brick” is a unique reddish-pink color that pairs nicely with your khakis for a modern look.

Khakis with a Plaid or Shirt

Khakis with a Plaid or Flannel Shirt

When it comes to timeless, rugged style, nothing beats the classic combination of khakis and a flannel shirt. Flannel shirts, available in various patterns and fabric weights, add a touch of warmth and comfort to your ensemble. For the perfect relaxed look, pair your khakis with a heavy flannel shirt over a crisp white tee. To dress down the outfit, opt for white sneakers, or elevate it with a pair of boots or leather dress shoes. Embrace the versatility of this pairing, seamlessly transitioning from casual to slightly more polished.

Our Men’s Homestead Long Sleeve Flannel comes in a variety of colors that pair perfectly with khakis, taking your outfit to the next level of style and comfort. 

Look & Feel Your Best with Mountain Khakis Men's Clothing

At Mountain Khakis, we're committed to providing you with premium apparel that stands the test of time. Our khaki pants are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring durability, comfort, and style in every stitch. We hope to be your go-to destination for men’s outdoor clothing that’s perfect for your next adventure. 

Experience the Mountain Khakis difference and elevate your wardrobe with our timeless collection of men's apparel. From outdoor adventures to everyday moments, our khaki pants are designed to take you anywhere and everywhere.

Shop all our khaki pants—and discover the perfect shirt pairing—at Mountain Khakis.

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