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Rover Hybrid



At Mountain Khakis, the history and names of our products hold significant meaning. Just as we meticulously craft our apparel, we carefully consider the significance behind each product name.  

Some of our flagship franchises have stood the test of time, earning the trust of our customers for decades. The Mountain Pant, our original design, has been a cornerstone of our brand for over 20 years. The Teton Twill and the Camber series have been beloved staples for over a decade. While we have made adjustments over time to ensure these styles meet market expectations for fit, we also strive to make environmentally conscious changes. About eight years ago, we transitioned the Mountain Pant to organic cotton to align with our commitment to being responsible stewards of our planet.  

Our latest collection, the all-new Rover, embodies an evolution of styles you've come to know and love, including the LODO, the Larimer, and the Commuter. Drawing inspiration from these past styles, the Rover series represents a fusion of design concepts, resulting in a versatile and functional product line.  

Available as pants, hybrid pants, and shorts, the Rover series is tailored for the modern Journeyman. We've taken into account how you travel, and incorporated lessons learned from past iterations to create the ultimate Rover series. By analyzing competitive products and identifying areas for improvement, we're confident that the Rover series sets a new standard for quality and performance in outdoor apparel.  

Why the Rover?

The word "Rover" carries a rich history and a multitude of meanings, making it a fascinating subject of exploration. Originating from Old English and Middle Dutch roots, "Rover" initially referred to someone who wanders or roams without a fixed destination, embodying a spirit of adventure and exploration. Over time, the term evolved to encompass various contexts, reflecting its versatility and adaptability.  

In nautical terminology, a Rover was a pirate or privateer who prowled the seas in search of plunder and adventure. This maritime connection infuses the word with a sense of daring and excitement, evoking images of swashbuckling sailors navigating treacherous waters in pursuit of fortune and glory. In modern usage, "Rover" often denotes a person or vehicle that travels freely and independently, exploring new territories and embracing the unknown.  

Beyond its literal meanings, "Rover" also carries metaphorical connotations, symbolizing a willingness to venture beyond one's comfort zone and embrace new experiences. In the realm of outdoor adventure, a Rover embodies the spirit of exploration and discovery, inspiring individuals to seek out uncharted landscapes and forge their own paths. Whether embarking on a wilderness expedition or navigating the urban jungle, the Rover mindset encourages curiosity, resilience, and a thirst for discovery.  

Pretty perfect when you consider “the why” – a complete alignment in the values important to our brand, the history of the term, and our intended use case – built for the Journeyman. We understand our customer: you move fast, seek versatility, and prioritize efficient packing when traveling. The Rover is comfortable both on the road and at your destination.  

Specific to the product, let’s examine the zippered security pockets. We have two.   The first zippered pocket is located on the wearer's side, underneath the main right-hand side hip pocket. Perfect for passports, cash, or anything you want to stash securely. This pocket is easily accessible, ensuring you're not sitting on your belongings during long-haul trips.  

The second zippered security pocket is on the wearer's backside, offering additional flexibility. If you prefer not to overload the side pocket while on your feet, this second option is ideal for carrying a wallet or other items you're comfortable sitting on when taking a break.  

Providing both options reflects our commitment to detail and comfort. We strive to offer the best in pants because we use this gear ourselves! Our high standards strive for perfection, delivering comfort and durability through features like our diamond action gusset crotch for travel comfort and stretch throughout the entire Rover family for flexibility. Stretch not only enhances comfort but also boosts durability, ensuring our gear flexes before it fails. At Mountain Khakis, we aim to exceed your expectations with every release, prioritizing your comfort and satisfaction.  

We have two fabric options (Rover Pant & Short or Rover Hybrid), and none of them include Polyester. This is a big difference; our blended weave relies on nylon, not polyester. Nylon boasts exceptional durability and strength, making it highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. This durability ensures that nylon garments maintain their integrity even after repeated wear and washing, prolonging their lifespan and offering long-term value to our consumers. Additionally, nylon exhibits excellent elasticity and resilience, allowing garments to stretch and recover their shape without sagging or stretching out of form.  

Moreover, nylon offers superior moisture-wicking properties compared to polyester, effectively drawing sweat away from the body and allowing it to evaporate quickly. This moisture management capability helps to keep the wearer dry and comfortable during physical activity or in warm conditions, making nylon apparel ideal for outdoor activities. Furthermore, nylon fabric is lightweight and breathable, enhancing overall comfort and allowing for better airflow to the skin. These qualities combine to make nylon garments a practical and comfortable choice for a wide range of activities, from hiking, fishing, travel and of course everyday wear. Caught in the rain or headed to the tropics in wet-season – go for the Rover Hybrid. Need the perfect pant for travel, dressing up for a dinner at the resort or even a business meeting – go for the Rover Pant.  

Another benefit? Nylon is oleophobic, meaning it repels oils. Oleophobic materials are resistant to oils and oily substances, making them less likely to absorb oil-based stains and easier to clean. This property makes nylon our choice at Mountain Khakis where resistance to oil and stains is important. Oils, including body odor or sweat, stain and smells – nylon’s oleophobic properties are important to us as the fibers naturally repel these oils.  

Try them for yourself! Make sure you check out the all-new Rover collection as the journey continues with Mountain Khakis. We’re incredibly proud of the Pant, the Hybrid Pant, and the Short – and we can’t wait to continue building out our Rover series in future seasons!  





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