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Our Four-Legged Friends: Grateful Now More Than Ever

Well, it’s safe the say the world looks a little differently today than it did a month ago. Whether it’s called social distancing, stay at home, shelter in place, or a self-quarantine—we are all living some version of this “new normal.” What I’ve noticed, however, is that there seems to be a member of my family enjoying social distancing a whole lot more than anybody else, and her four-legged presence is extremely important right now.



There have been countless studies that prove having a pet reduces feelings of loneliness, improves our overall mood, and positively impacts our health. Outside of these scientifically proven benefits that I personally know to be true, here are 3 reasons why I am grateful for my pup while working from home:


1. Sense of Purpose and responsibility – My 2 year old golden retriever, Pippa, gives me a sense of purpose every day. Without children to wrangle out of bed & start homeschooling (how are parents doing this? Kudos to you!), Pippa gives me a reason to get up every morning and is ready for her walk, whether I am or not. She keeps me on schedule with letting me know when its breakfast time, which for me means coffee time. The time I get to spend with her in the morning keeps me far away from the news and is a refreshing way to start my day.

2. Unconditional Affection – My love language is words of affirmation followed by physical touch. Pippa, albeit a vocal pup, can’t tell me I am doing a good job every day or that she’s proud of me for helping our customers, but she does show me how much she loves me with her endless snuggles and puppy hugs. Getting to give Pippa extra scratches behind the ear during the workday (her favorite spot) or a lunchtime snuggle helps me remain positive and feel more joy, love, and happiness throughout my day. A hug or snuggle from your pup is a great alternative to the lack of human interaction which can have a huge impact on your mental state, and might not be what we are accustomed too.

3. Exercise – I’ll be honest, exercise has never been my forte. The gym is far from my favorite place, but what I’ve found that has been a great alternative to my yoga classes is daily walks with Pippa. I’m not sure who loves it more—Pippa or me! Her energy and love for the outdoors, particularly letting the squirrels know who is boss, has made me more active throughout the day. We walk at least twice a day, and I can listen to a podcast, hit play on the Mountain Khakis Spotify playlist, or walk without technology enjoying the break from the world for a brief moment. Whichever way I decide to walk, I can guarantee Pippa is ready for it and it gives me a reason to get my butt outside, relax, take a deep breath, soak in the sunshine, and remember to enjoy the fresh air.



I know I am not the only team member from Mountain Khakis grateful to have my dog around during these challenging times and I thought I’d share some of our teams furry family members!




Remember, our dogs can throw us a bone during all of this-- but don't forget to throw them one either!



WRITTEN BY: Meaghan Beam

Millie Holloman Photography

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