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How to Wear a Flannel Shirt for Men: 11 Ways

Flannel shirt
Mastering the art of wearing flannel begs the question, “What is flannel anyway?” In addition to being a go-to fabric for both comfort and style, flannel is nothing short of an enduring menswear classic. A longstanding favorite for men’s wardrobes, there are few pieces of apparel that are more versatile than men’s flannel shirts. Available in a wide variety of patterns, flannel shirts have evolved over the years. Originally a go-to work shirt, now they are used for everything from casual outfits to elevated office attire. But how do you wear a flannel shirt and maintain a rugged confidence in your style? Here are 11 different ways to wear a flannel shirt. Let’s explore them all. 

Classic Combinations

Flannel Shirts With Chinos

Finding the right pair of men’s pants to pair with your flannel doesn’t have to be complicated. There is no easier outfit combination than flannel shirts with a pair of chinos or khakis. This combination is ready to take you on any journey you might venture on. Wear it with chinos for a more elevated look. For a more rugged look that’s ready for tougher conditions, pair a soft-brushed flannel shirt with a pair of cargo khakis when you’re headed out to the workshop or out on the trail, ensuring both style and practicality accompany you in every step. Explore our collection of outdoor pants for the adventurous man.

Flannel shirt with jeans

Flannel Shirts with Jeans

Heading out for a laid-back date night or catching up with friends at a local brewery? Elevate your style effortlessly by reaching for your favorite pair of well-fitted jeans, the timeless companion to a trusty flannel. This classic yet rugged ensemble is not only easy to wear but also endlessly versatile, adapting seamlessly to various occasions. Take this look to the next level by opting for darker denim jeans, infusing a touch of sophistication, and selecting a lightweight flannel with a cotton blend for breathability and comfort. For a more laid-back approach, lighter blue jeans harmonize seamlessly with a soft brushed flannel in a heavier weight, striking the perfect balance between style and ease.

Layering with T-Shirts

When it comes to wearing flannel, layering with t-shirts can effortlessly elevate your look. Start with a classic, well-fitted t-shirt in a neutral color to provide a versatile base. Opt for a crew neck or v-neck style depending on your preference and the neckline of your flannel. Layer the flannel over the t-shirt for a relaxed yet put-together aesthetic. Leave the flannel unbuttoned for everyday wear, or button it up for a more polished appearance. This simple layering technique adds depth and dimension to your outfit while keeping you comfortable for any adventure that awaits.

Dressing Up with Flannel

Flannel Shirts with Blazers

You may be wondering, “Are flannels business casual?” When going for a polished look, don’t be afraid to throw on that trusty flannel. It's not just for casual outings; the flannel effortlessly adds an edge to your dressier side. Picture this: a lightweight flannel paired casually with a blazer. Choose a flannel that complements the blazer's color without blending in too much. It's all about blending rugged charm with a touch of sophistication. And here's a little secret—dark denim is your go-to move for dialing up the style. It's that easy, making your style game bold and dynamic, no matter the occasion.

Flannel Shirts for Work Settings

Looking for an alternative to a traditional dress shirt to wear to the office? Gone are the days when flannels were just the uniform for lumberjacks and outdoor workers. Now, these rugged classics have made their way into the professional scene, bringing with them a unique blend of comfort, style, and adaptability. In today's business-casual office culture, pair flannel shirts with chinos or jeans, curating a look that's polished but not uptight, relaxed but not lacking in style. It's a confident, bold move in workplace fashion that sets the tone for a day that's as dynamic as you are.

Seasonal Styling Tips

Summer and Spring Styles

When you think of flannels, you might think of winter weather, but flannels are useful even as the weather gets warmer. A flannel and a lightweight tee are a great combo in the spring. Be sure to choose a flannel fabric that is lightweight and a bit more breathable. These types of layers are essential as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer. Even in the summer, you can layer a flannel over a tee and wear it with shorts in the cooler mornings. They also make a versatile piece of apparel to pack for travel, as they can be dressed up or down or worn in the event of cooler weather. 

Flanell shirt with winter jacket

Autumn and Winter Looks

As the cool breeze sweeps in, signaling the advent of fall, it's time to reach for your dependable flannels. These timeless pieces, revered as fall essentials, offer more than just warmth. Imagine effortlessly combining your flannel with snug thermals or laid-back henleys, creating a look that doesn't compromise on style. And when the temperature takes a deeper dip, complete your look with a carefully crafted overcoat or leather jacket, adding an extra layer of warmth and style to your ensemble. Elevate the look with robust canvas pants or cords, striking the perfect balance between comfort and style in the cooler weather.

Color and Pattern Choices

Choosing the Right Colors

While the classic image of flannels might evoke Buffalo Plaid (think red with thick black stripes), the world of flannel shirts extends far beyond. Embrace a variety of colors, including solids, for a diverse wardrobe. A well-curated closet demands a selection of 3-4 flannels, offering versatility for every occasion. Opt for lighter hues to capture the essence of spring and summer, and delve into richer tones to embrace the warmth of fall and winter. Your flannel collection should be as dynamic as your lifestyle.

Pattern Play

Flannels are more than just plaid; they embody a spectrum of styles. While plaid flannel is a classic, flannel shirts come in various patterns—solid, checked, and countless others. The trick is in the balance: if your flannel boasts a bold pattern, keep your pants on the simpler side. It's all about complementing without overpowering, ensuring your style remains effortlessly cool and unmistakably you.

Accessorizing with Flannel Shirts

Footwear and Flannel

Flannels offer unparalleled versatility, making them a perfect match for a variety of footwear options. Opting for neutral-colored shoes ensures a seamless integration with your flannel ensemble. For a refined touch, consider brown leather work boots, chukka boots, or chelsea boots—they effortlessly elevate your look. Alternatively, pair your flannels with sneakers for a laid-back, casual vibe. With flannels, the shoe options are limitless, allowing you to express your style with confidence and ease.

Additional Accessories

Elevate your flannel game with these bold yet easy accessory choices. Seal the deal with a brown leather belt—a must-have in any well-rounded wardrobe, effortlessly complementing every style of flannel shirt. If you're feeling contemporary, go for a solid webbing belt in a synthetic material. Just make sure it's a solid color that dances with the hues in your flannel. 

Flannel shirt

Discover Your New Favorite Flannel from Mountain Khakis

When it comes to how to wear a flannel, men have countless options to feel stylish and confident in any occasion. Flannels are the cornerstone of every guy's closet—a versatile wardrobe staple  that transcends seasons and styles. Whether you're gearing up for an outdoor adventure or a casual hangout, flannels effortlessly elevate your look. At Mountain Khakis, we've honed our craft over two decades, mastering the art of premium men's outdoor clothing and apparel. Trust us to outfit you with the best flannel shirt for any occasion, blending timeless style with rugged durability.

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