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A Not So(cially) Distanced Future A concert goer’s guide to surviving stay-at-home lockdown


Around this time every year, the blossoms bloom, the birds chirp with delights of spring, and the musical world drools over dates for summer concerts, festivals, and outdoor musical goings-on. Less than a month ago, the 2020 Spring/Summer concert series was shaping up to be an incredible jam full of genre-bending excitement. Coachella, Bonnaroo, SXSW, Shaky Knees Fest, and the New Orleans Jazz Fest all lived up to their tradition of bringing acts from all walks expectantly pleasing the older fans and new ears alike. Well, that was a few weeks ago. Now what? A worldwide slew of tour and concert cancellations and postponements continue to roll in as the COVID-19 pandemic takes grasp of the music industry in more ways than one. What do we do now? We Rock On. We Listen to the Music.




Here are a few things to keep you busy during a Pandemic Concert Series:


    1. Make a playlist – Making a playlist can be very casual for some. I, on the other hand, find it not only to be a fun challenge but it many cases it can be an art form! My family practices our skills quite often throughout the year by making themed playlists from everything to lists about science, food, and geography to lists with tunes featuring the saxophone. In this world of streaming music services, the world is your oyster. I took the liberty of making a playlist to help keep spirits up during these stay-at-home days. Take a listen on Spotify here


    1. Artists’ Online Performances – In the midst of the chaos and as a result of stay-at-home orders, musical artists and groups are hosting and posting private mini-concerts from their safe zones. Search your favorite artist’s social media feed to see if they are taking part in this new approach to live music performances; you’ll be surprised what you find. From streaming live concerts via webcasts to national TV broadcasts, the music makers are finding new and creative ways to share their artistry with their audiences that they love so much.


  1. Host a group web call – The age of Facetime, Zoom, and Skype calls have created an entirely new user base because of social distancing and the availability of these handy tech tools. Older and newer generations are finding these methods to connect with friends and loved ones to be a valuable asset during these days of separation. Why not host a group call and have each member rotate in choosing the theme music? How about hosting a virtual happy hour like the good old Mountain Khakis team does each week? Get creative but let the music take the center stage. Keep the tunes flowing.



left|half|live music 

As we continue to move along through this altered reality and figuring out what the new normal is shaping out to be, the fact that we can’t enjoy live music should not weigh us down. Keeping spirits up by streaming music, sharing playlists, and supporting our favorite artists can easily become a social standard in light of the confines that the coronavirus has laid out for us. Music will continue to be a universal language that we all enjoy no matter what mother nature throws at us. Keep on sharin’ in the groove.




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